Friday, February 3, 2017

Heartly Sewing

I got some sewing done today!

This Heart Envelope is inspired by this wonderful


Katniss  was very happy to be in our happy sewing space again 
and helped with every step of the way ...

  Step 1: With your quilty kitty helper, cut paper pattern pieces

(There is a pattern you can print but I did my own thing.
The pattern might have been easier.
Live and learn ... ;)

Step 2:  Stop your Quilty Kitty Helper from eating the paper trimmings 
because they might upset her tummy.

Step 3:  Explain to your Quilty Kitty Helper that you
were not trying to mean by taking her snack away.

(More loving and learning.)

Step 4: The pieces to our heart.

We  sandwiched in a piece of batting to make it puffy.

Time to sew!

See instructions in the link above. 

Katniss and I decided to add a ruffle.

We decided not to worry about the raw edges that will be on the inside.

Here is the back o our heart.

It is not perfect but it is a gift that comes from the heart.

It is good to be sewing again.



  1. Your heart is absolutely perfect for a little granddaughter's special Valentine! I love the kitty fabric you used. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a sweet piece Ms Pat! I'm so glad you are back to sewing.

  3. Very pretty. The fabric is cool. Perhaps you should explain to Miss Katniss about the extreme danger of a paper cut on the tongue. Not to mention a paper cut in other areas as it exits the body.

  4. This turned out so sweet and those fabrics look beautiful in it. So glad to see you're sewing! Katniss looks quite content sitting in the middle of your project.


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