Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Thinking Sun, Sand, Sea and Fabric

I am back!

My laser eye procedure went well and I am recovering.

Thanks to all who have sent me supportive messages and well wishes
and who have stayed my followers through good times and not so good times.

My vision is already much improved.

Good timing as ...

has released the first Free Block
for the new

Also check out the beautiful block that

has made.

Sew Inspiring!

I am also inspired by fabric.

These are my main choices and color palate for this quilt.

All are from my stash.

It will be a scrappy quilt

I love scrappy quilts!

I love these fabrics!

Makes me feel like a taking a walk on a winter beach near me.

The Atlantic is very cold and the sand is rocky and hard and the wind is biting
at the beaches near me right now
but I love bundling up and walking and breathing in the frosty clean air
and dreaming of the warm sands where this vast body of water flows 
on distant shores.

Thinking of sun, sand a surf ... and fabric.

A happy day ... :) 


  1. good to hear the laser treatment has been a success, no excuse for not stitching now. Will check out the BOM though I did say I was not going to take on too many new projects till all my flimsies were turned into quilts.

    Would enjoy that stroll on the beach with you, have not been to the beach for at least 10 years.

  2. YAY! I'm glad the laser surgery went well! I downloaded the first BOM for Sun Sand Sea. I think this will be fun. I do have a lot of other projects going, but I figured one block a month wasn't going to hurt at all. Besides, I think the more, the merrier!
    I really like the fabrics you puled for the project. I'm going to "sew by the seat of my pants" and choose each month as the block comes out. How's that for taking chances?
    I think the last time I walked on a beach was when my daughter was visiting in July. I'm not strong enough to brave those cold days on the beach!

  3. These fabrics are fabulous! I am glad your eyes are doing well!


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