Sunday, May 7, 2017

Another Block Done and One More Begun!

Here is Block 10
for my 

Here is the layout for the next block.

I love slow stitching these blocks!

I have not had as much time lately as the yard needs work
and I am also machine piecing a quilt.

Slow Sunday Stitching

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What are you working on this weekend?

Happy Sunday!


  1. Sew, sew cute!! I LOVE the POTC blocks!! They are just always so inspiring and yours are wonderful!!

  2. looking good and loving the fussy cutting. Do you glue your fabric or stitch I wounder, and have you a die cutting machine to cut the papers and fabric all the cutting is what puts me off a project like this

  3. I'm itching to get out in the yard to do some winter clean up, but the weather just isn't cooperating! I just love these blocks! xo

  4. So fun! I love the chain of daisies around the centre of block 10. And you have such wonderful fussy cut prints!

  5. This block is truly amazing. The way you've fussy cut the fabrics must be time consuming, but it shows in the beauty of this block. I'm looking forward to seeing more of these blocks.

  6. Sweet little daisy chain in the center.

  7. I love the POTC blocks. I'm fortunate to have a yard man. I can't do the yard anyhow. My adult son moved back home so he does the yard. Of course, since he has full, permanent custody of his now 3 year old daughter, I watch her while he is at work. Your fussy cutting is great!

  8. POTC blocks are moving right along. Such pretty fabrics. My littler grandson is 3 1/2 and I babysit him every Tuesday and I love it. Wish our weather would brighten so I could get out in the yard too.

  9. You are doing great POTC blocks. Number 10 with the little daises is gorgeous. Very well done.


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