Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Back to POTC Stitching

I am back to slow stitching my POTC blocks!

I took a break this summer to garden and vacation, play with my new baby kitty 
 and just enjoy the great outdoors. 
I only completed a few blocks. 
I need to take photos and count how many I have done. 

This is the block I am working on now which is one I laid out from 
fabric in my stash at the beginning of summer.

It is slow going as I am only working on this block when my machine is not whirling away.

I have sew many projects I want to sew.

Maestro is sew very helpful ... ;)

This little baby kitty follows me around and constantly cuddles up 
like I am her new momma kitty.

So cute!


  1. such a cute kitty, I have a stray I am feeding, he now comes in when I open the door but does not stay long, seems to be very much an outside cat. POTC coming along nicely

  2. Ooh--that's a pretty one! Your little helper is pretty cute too!

  3. Love your POTC block! I must pull mine out and set myself up with another! Sweet kitty! Love the name you selected! She'll be such a good helper in the sewing room!


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