Tuesday, October 10, 2017

And Then There Were Three ...

Meet Nutmeg!

Nutmeg came to us from
in nearby Salem, NH,
where she was then named Brooklyn,
who came there from 
in South Carolina.

As you know, in July,

we adopted Maestro at SARL
to fill the empty place left in our home and hearts
when My Butterfly crossed the rainbow bridge in March.

Katniss, who feels very secure in our hearts and home, was very accepting
of this new little sister.
As Maestro grew and became more active we soon decided she
 needed a playmate who could keep up with her non stop shenanigans.

Katniss joins in sometimes but often prefers to just sit and watch.

So we needed a little more spice in our life. 

Nutmeg is only three weeks younger than Maestro.

The Ying and Yang,
they balance each other perfectly ...

and share the lap and the fun and the quilts.

These two partners in mischief are always 
upping their game.
Katniss loves to play along but sometimes 
she just wants to seek a quiet place to nap undisturbed.
Her favorite spot is  a basket on top of the big bookcase
in our living room.
The white batting is is my roll up design wall.
Last night The Girls decided to try to join her.

Long legged Nutmeg soon found a way up.
Katniss say "What!?"


Katniss soon boxed her ears and sent her down. 

Maestro, who has a strong and muscular build but is not yet a leaper,
watched the entire time from the floor.

Nutmeg found a quilt and my lap and snoozed,
dreaming no doubt of her next adventure.

Our home feels complete ... <3<3<3




  2. Your fur babies are so very cute. Katniss is the gran dam.

  3. So sweet post. Love it. Wait, I have to read it again. Thanks for sharing this slice of your life with us. ;^)

  4. Congratulations. Glad Nutmeg for right in. I too have black and butterscotch kitties that are best friends. And a brown tabby who runs the house (a big Maine Coon boy of 20 lbs). I look longingly at the NHSPCA kitties regularly but don't want to upset the balance.

  5. Sweet! Nutmeg is definitely a cutie pie! Congrats on the new family member!!!
    My daughters dog "found and retrieved" a feral kitten this morning. When my daughter went to see what he had in his mouth found the kitten and her two siblings as well. They are about eight weeks old,She put them in a carrier with some food and water. She then noticed the mom lurking so she went to the humane society and picked up a live trap. She put some delicious food in it and about three minutes later caught the momma. We put the little family back together and in the house so they could have a warm place to sleep and get their bellies filled with food and water. Tomorrow they go to Spay to Save. We may bring them back here to fulfill their lifestyles. I have a barn they can sleep in and they can catch all the gophers, moles or voles they want. (I will supplement their food too.)

  6. What a sweet little one! I miss having kitties in our house, our dogs just wont tolerate it though. Glad you are enjoying your fur babies.

  7. So great that Katniss is accepting of the little ones, yet has no problem putting them in their place when required. Kitties make life complete, I totally agree.


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