Monday, February 5, 2018

Put A Little Love In Your Quilt Blog Hop

A Heart Shaped Treat Bag

for my Grand-Darling for Valentine's Day!

I made this little bag to gift to my granddaughter
when I go to visit her in her new home next week.

Welcome to the

When Carol announced this blog hop,
I had sew many ideas.
My quilty muse spun in a few directions and finally settled on one,
(or so I thought)
and I started sewing.

I even posted about my WIP  Here

But every day when I sat down to sew more on that project,
I was distracted by these little 2 inch scrap blocks ...

My quilty kitties kept finding them wherever I put them
and leaving them on my sewing machine bed every night.

My little kitties and I had  lot of fun one day making these with the
cutoff corners from my Red and White Clementine Block

These little blocks have heart
and needed to be sewn and gifted.

Sew a new project was begun!

I cut a heart shaped pattern from computer paper.

My bag measured  10" by 11"

I cut the top of the back piece a half inch larger than the front.

The little blocks were sewn together and a four inch border in white was added
and I cut this heart.

I gathered some red fabric and cut three hearts from red fabric
and one from batting.

Placing the batting on the back of the pieced heart,

I added a machine stitched heart border
in red thread.

Sandwiching the back with one of the lining fabrics,
right side together,
I sewed around the edge
leaving a two in opening ...

to turn it right side out and press.

The I sandwiched the batting backed front and the other lining heart,
right sides together
and repeated the process.

I carefully trimmed the batting close to the stitches
and cut a point into the top of the heart
so it would lay flat when turned right side out.

Here are the front and back sections sandwiched together.

You will see that I made the backing heart a little larger on the top
so that the bag would have a red trim edge at the top when completed.

Then I cut a strap 2" by 60"

Using my 1" bias tape maker I folded and pressed the strap.
The strap fabric was not cut on the bias
and it worked fine.

Using Wonder Clips, I folded and secured the strap
over the edge of the heart sandwich.

The beginning and ending of the strap is on the bottom point
to make a closed loop.

I started sewing on the side of the heart where I wanted to opening
for the top to begin.

With red thread, I stitched around the edges,
leaving the heart sandwich open on the top to form the bag.

When I got the strap part of the strip, I just kept stitching
all the way along the strap and around to the place
where I started attaching the binding edges ...

... and the sewing is done!

I am filling this bag with books and toys 
for my Grand-Darling for Valentine's Day!

Everly will be able to pack a snack, her little Minnie Mouse that goes everywhere with her
and a book or quiet toy for when she goes adventuring.

I am going to gift this to my granddaughter
when I go to visit her in her new home next week!
Grammy is so happy to be seeing My Girls!

Thanks to Carol @ Just Let Me Sew
for her big heart and putting this warm and happy
blog hop together for all of us!

Be sure to visit all these lovely hearts today ... 

February 5

Life in the Scrapatch (you are here)

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Thank you for visiting me today! 

May you and yours have a Happy Heart Day!


  1. What a sweet gift to take to your sweet little granddaughter. Look at those itty bitty patchwork blocks. You made a keepsake for sure with so much love.

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    I am sure that Everly will just love her heart-shaped bag. Oh the treasures she can carry with her, not to mention Grammy's love in every stitch. Such a cute bag! ~smile~ Roseanne

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    As a new Granny, I am looking forward to the day when my sweet granddaughters will be old enough to use the things I am making for them! Found you on the Put a Little Love In It blog hop...glad I found you!

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