Friday, April 12, 2013

Randomly Basking in the Scrapatch

1) Crocus Blooms!
Basking in the morning sun.
I have really been enjoying spring arriving in my quilty corner.
Sunshine and Rain ... it is all good :)

2) If you stopped by my blog looking for my April Showers Mug Rug,
please click HERE
I am still basking in the quilty glow of making Top 3 for yesterday.

My Quilty Kitties have been enjoying life ...
3) The Katniss
... basking in a basket in a sunny window ...
4)The Cat
... basking in the soft squishy warmth of my comfy sewing chair
while I use the plastic folding one
... for several hours ...
after the sun left the windows, of course,
and The Cat needed the warm and comfy place to nap.
5) Yummy cookies basking in a sunny spot on my kitchen table,
Wheaties Cookies - 4 Ways from

I forgot to post last week so I brought cookies this week to

Live A Colorful Life
My kitties do not let me forget
They like to visit with all the other pretty kitties.

Enjoy a cookie and stay awhile and try basking in the goodness of life.

Word for the Day

basking  ... present participle of bask (Verb)

a. Lie exposed to warmth and light, typically from the sun, for relaxation and pleasure.
b. Revel in and make the most of (something pleasing).

My quilty kitties and I love to have friends visit.

Thanks for stopping by My Scrapatch today!



  1. Although I won't see much sunshine today, my cat and I will bask in each other's company! Enjoy your day!

  2. Congratulations on yesterdy.. Great mug rug it was my favorite of all yesterday.

  3. Your crocuses are gorgeous and Katniss is looking extra fluffy today. I'm going to steal some of your sunshine (and maybe youor cool mugrug) as we are in our third straight day of rain and it's getting depresssing! Happy Feline Friday!

  4. Beautiful crocuses. And I love that you have a cat named Katniss.

  5. I love the basking photos, especially the ones of the kitties. Many a time I've let my kitty stay in my comfy desk chair while I sit in a straight-back. I have my priorities right! :-)

  6. Beautiful kitties and yummy cookies! :). Basking is such a fabulous word... Especially for a Friday. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. those cookies look delicious! ( :

    do you enjoy the "Hunger Games"? i noticed your cats name.

  8. Not much sun here either today == but it's brighter than yesterday so I'm happy! Thanks for joining in! xo

  9. Scrapatches,

    Looks like your cat has the best spot in the house!

    Purple flowers make me smile.

    Thanks for stopping in at The Ranch Wife Chronicles!

  10. Lovely crocuses, mug rug and kitty too! FUN POST! :)

  11. Cute sleepy kitties... mine loves the hollow of desk chairs too.

  12. Wow - I'll be back for some quilting ideas once the taxes are done!

  13. Hmm ... that's how it works in my sewing room too! Nala gets the comfy sewing chair and I get the wooden stool!


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