Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Morning Quilty

My current quilty project.
I am linking up this morning with
Plum and June
hosted today
Today I am quilting this long overdue group baby quilt
These little giraffes have been on a wandering adventure.
Soon they will be migrating home.
I call this pattern "Animal Walk"
This pattern is one I designed on EQ for the Quilty Aunties.
The star chain block is called "Garden Steps."
The applique giraffe pattern I drew myself.
The blocks finish at 9" square.
This is how the quilt arrived,  sandwiched and pinned.
After experimenting, I did have to completely remove the pins,
smooth the front and back and repin according to my own method.
Apparently I do not use many pins when I quilt, but I am careful not to
get folds and to keep my backing flat.  Works for me. ;)
Katniss stalked the giraffes while I contemplated the quilting.
Then Katniss helped me thread my machine.
The baby grandma and I decided on a variegated orange/green/yellow thread.
Katniss is such a good helper.

Ready, set, quilt!
I am quilting this on my home machine as I do for most quilts twin and smaller.  This quilt is a toddler size.
I like to rent the long arm at my LQS and do FMQ on larger quilts.
I am doing straight line quilting in the sashing, star blocks and border.

In the sashing I decided on a diamond criss cross design.
I mark the sashing with pins as I go to keep my pattern even.  I mark with and remove pins on each section as I go, first one way and then the other.


I use three tables set together to support a quilt while quilting on my home machine.

Here is a similar quilt made by the Quilty Aunties for the little brother with zebras instead of giraffes and a blue/green/yellow colorway ...

These quilts measure about 60" square for the boys to enjoy as they grow.
Spring has finally arrived in my quilty corner! 
Today is sunny and Katniss has moved to enjoy the tulip patch and windows
on our enclosed front porch.
Time to quilt!
Have a happy quilty day!


  1. I love the giraffes ! And I wish my 'helper' was as helpful as Katniss ! Though I should have known that naming her 'Miss Nosey' would only cause her to live up to the name ! I spend as much time attempting to save her from eating the thread then I do attempting to quilt with her in the same room !

  2. The zebras are so adorable! And I love seeing your cat helping you quilt. Too bad I'm terribly allergic!

  3. Love that Katniss helping! Though I'm happy that my kitty can no longer jump up to the sewing table and spread her fur there - it's only the airborne stuff that settles on the quilts if I can just keep them on the table!

  4. Great tip on using pins as markers. Why haven't I thought of that before!

    Very cute quilt!

  5. This giraff quilt is adorable and I love the zebras too! The quilty aunties sound like a great bunch :)

  6. Looking good My Friend! You do such lovely work :)

  7. Sweet quilts - both of them! Love the photos of them and Katniss and the lovely tulips, too. It's been a long winter! Thanks for sharing your tips for quilting the diamond pattern.

  8. Such bright and fun quilts - I really like the cross hatch quilting you are doing too! Thanks for linking up this week.


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