Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shaking My Pom-Poms, Part 2

My  Ice Cream Cone Pom-Pom Pincushion!

   I was one of the lucky winners of the Pom-Pom makers from
Madame Samm and  Thearica
at the start of this hop.
Sew I just had to put my nifty gifty to good use!

This was made from the package of the two smaller pom-pom makers.
I have made Pom-Poms years ago using small plastic rings but these  new ones are certainly "high-tech" pom-pom makers.
Can pom-pom makers be considered "high tech" ? ;)

For the base I used a melamine cone shaped ice cream cone dish.
I bought this dish locally a few years ago, but they a available online ...
type "ice cream cone dish melamine" into your favorite search engine.
This base is heavy and not breakable.

The pin cushion stands up nicely next to my sewing machine
I have a circle cutter that makes cutting the round for the top easy.

I do like my quilty gadgets.

It made a heavy base filled with ground walnut shells and a ball of fluffy poly batting on the top covered in the same fabric as the border on my sewing chatelaine.  I am sorry that my camera battery needed charging so I did not take pictures of this part of the process.  The cone base filled with the walnut shells is heavy enough to keep the pincushion cone upright so it does not tip over. It is actually the best pincushion I have ever used near my sewing machine.  Heavy duty and visible.

After securely gluing a piece of muslin to the top of the cone to hold the walnut shells and ball of polyfil in place, I sewed the circle to the top around the edge of the muslin then ...
I sewed on some pom-pom trim.

First "scoop" on my ice cream cone completed!
... hmmm ...
Time for another scoop!

First Butterfly and I made a "test" pom-pom.
Here Butterfly spys Katniss approaching and pulling at the yarn trail hanging off the table.  Katniss is a very playful three year old cat.
Butterfly at 12+ years prefers to watch her antics.

As I was "shaking my pom-pom"
Katniss offered to "test" the test for us.
Katniss really shook this pom-pom
... and was then lost it on the floor ...
... so Butterfly and I made another pom pom 
 winding the yarn and closing the pom-pom maker
cutting the pom-pom
 After cutting, you tie a piece of yarn securely around the middle.
 opening the two halves of the pom-pom maker.

Butterfly guarded this one for me to keep it from Katniss
who had already lost the other one somewhere and was looking for
a new one to pounce.

Then I sewed it securely on the top  of the first scoop and added
a flower garnish on top ... and ...
Butterfly Inspects and Approves
Butterfly does not try to pull out the pins and eat them
like Katniss does.
Butterfly is a smart cat. 
Here is my finished pincushion.
and I retrieved the "test" pom-pom to show
that it stood up to the Katniss test.
  I am really turning into a "gadget girl."
I am planning more pom-pom projects in the future
with my pom-pom makers.
Time for our giveaway!

15 charms - 6" squares

Some of these are left from Sophie's giveaway.
Some I added some from my stash.

2 chances to win:

1st:  Leave a comment on this post

2nd: Leave a comment on the FIRST post ...
"Shaking My Pom-Poms!"
click HERE 

For my gadget holding  pom pom shakin' sewing chatelaine click on this link
ONE random winner will be drawn
from all the comments on these two posts.

Winner will be contacted by email
so must have an email address for me to reply.

This giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world.

I use google translator to read and reply to comments in other languages.

This giveaway closes at Midnight Eastern DST on April 30th.

Winner will be announced and emailed on May 1st.

Good luck wishes!
Please visit my quilty friends on all of today's blogs
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Thanks to
Madame Samm @ Sew We Quilt

and to

Thearica @ Pigtails and Quilts

for this wonderful blog hop!

My quilty kitties and I say, "Thanks for visiting our scrapatch!"



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