Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Quilty Bucket List

The Q&N Quilty Aunties Baby Quilt is done and in the mail to the volunteer quilter!

My March Goal 
for A Year of Lovely Finishes is done!

Here is a close up of the blocks that were made by members of the forum.

Here are is the nice black textural fabric for the outer border
 and pretty pink fabric sent for the binding.

This is the layout that I drew up for this quilt for the approval of the baby mommy-to-be. This one really worked up just like the plan.

Planning and sewing these group quilts is an art of its own.
A pattern needs to be chosen that is availible free online and easy enough for anyone to sew who would like to add a block even if they are new to piecing quilt blocks.

For this quilt we chose the Rail Fence Block  from Quilter's Cache

Fabrics and colors need to be something that enough of us will have in our stashes so that the costs are keep down for volunteers.

I have contributed to the making of many of these group quilts
and everyone of them is sew very special.

It always makes the world feel smaller and cozier when making one of these group quilts to welcome a new baby to our world.

I saw this linky party today and it looks like sew much fun!

The Tilted Quilt

from Stacey @ The Tilted Quilt

I have added my link!

I am finding lots of inspiration to add to my bucket list in the links.

Next on my Quilty Bucket List:

1)  catching up with my Friendship x and + Swap Blocks

2) quilting this Q&N Quilt of Valor

QOV Block Drive

3) make some blocks for Kevin the Quilter's QOV Block Drive

What is on your Quilty Bucket List?

Also linking up with

Link-a-Finish Friday

... just keep sewing ...


  1. If I put down everything I would like to do in quilting I would be so over whelmed I just stop quilting so I just plod on finishing each one as I can. Blessings Sandra

  2. Congrats on finishing up that baby quilt top, Pat! It is a striking design and I love that black textural fabric. I have it in yellow! Looking forward to following along on your progress with the bucket list!

  3. The baby quilt is very special and it is wonderful when so many people get together to create something for someone else, goodluck with your bucket list.

  4. quilts bind us together. LeeAnna Paylor

  5. Thanks for linking up - I love the "x plus" quilt too and I would love to make one of those in the future. I think this has been a great link up so far with lots of ideas and inspiration :)

  6. Your baby top is lovely! Congrats on the finish and good luck with your list :)

  7. My list is never ending!!!! Enjoy the process.

  8. Thank you so much for joining in the block drive! I truly appreciate you helping me spread the word! I know we will be able to cover many veterans with our efforts!

  9. There's a great block swap happening on Flickr called the "Scrappy Block Swap" and this quarters block is the X and + block! FYI!

  10. Just saw this on RichardandTanya's blog. It turned out really great!

  11. Very striking pink, black and white baby quilt. Thanks for the linkups.


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