Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Quilty Muse Frolics

My Quilt Muse has spoken.

My Hannah fabrics made themselves at home in my quilty corner and found some pretty Posh friends.

Here are my final choice of fabrics that I am sewing into my 
Pattern Available HERE

It is still a mystery pattern right now, but I have looked at the final installment this morning.
I like mystery quilts ... sometimes.

I also like planned quilts and to listen to my own quilty muse.
 My quilty muse said "look before you sew this time." 
So I listened and I am very happy I did.

I would have loved the quilt if I had sewed it just as it was kitted as a mystery.
But I am going to love it even more now for having looked before I sewed.

I am making this as a new bed quilt for me and have splurged on fabric and I went spelunking through my stash closet to find the right two coral tone-on-tone fabrics
that my quilty muse wants to see in this finished quilt.
Since this is a mystery I will not be posting pictures here on my blog until the whole pattern is released.  You can see pictures of the beautiful quilts in progress
... (including my blocks) ...
on the

Some of these quilts have the same kit fabrics as my quilt will have,
without the addition of the corals.
They are all looking gorgeous!

I love this pattern.
Thank you, Jess, for this  fun frolic through the fabrics!

I am linking up with the ...

Berry Barn Designs

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Since this is a new queen size custom bed quilt for me,
it is my primary goal in this "sewing for me" project.
I have so many other projects and commitments that it will take me some time until I have it finished but I plan to work on this 30 minutes a day.
I hope to have the top pieced by the end of the month.

... just keep sewing ...

Think Spring!


  1. Oh I love those fabrics. Especially your corals that you mined.

  2. I love the coral additions Pat. Can't wait to see it finished!

  3. Great work this week, Pat. Now I'm really curious to see your big reveal!

  4. Nice choice of fabrics. Can't wait to see your progress!

  5. Those are some gorgeous fabrics! And will make a fantastic quilt. Come on spring!!!!

  6. I love how your Quilty Muse and fabrics have frolicked into Creative Bliss. They are quite the compliment to one another.


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