Tuesday, April 8, 2014

This Is My Blog

Life in the Scrapatch

This is my blog.

Life in the Scrapatch


It has been brought to my attention by a blogging friend that

another site,

with whom I am not affiliated,

has been reposting my posts ...

word for word.

All my pictures,

my kitties,

my personal stories

on their site,

without linking directly to my blog,

without asking me for permission.

This is not nice.

Their page has ads,

from which I assume they are getting revenue.

Mine does not.

I am not going to post the name of their site on my blog.

If you want more info ...

they may be pirating your content, too ...

please email and I will give you the site url.

All my future posts will have a notice and a link directly my site.
The url for this post should appear in your browser as



If you have a different url appearing with their site name in front
of mine, you are on their site, not mine.

Thanks to all who read my blog.


It appears that enough DMCA complaints 

against this site may have been lodged today 
with the host server and 
it looks like it has been taken down.
Or the blog pirates saw the patchwork sails gathering their forces together on the horizon 
and have packed up and moved on.

I am going to 

just keep sewing ... and blogging ...



  1. I'm so sorry to hear this has happened to you and will pay attention to the web address. Such a shame that people would even want to pirate other people's blogs for a little petty cash. Pitiful. I'm glad that you caught this, although I'm sure they'll just find other blogs to copy. :( Hang in there!

  2. Oh Pat, i'm so sorry. That is awful. What makes people do such terrible things to another person. No respect or kindness. Just plain wrong!

    I love your blog. I'm glad you were warned by a friend. I will be sure i have your right address from now on! Hugs!

  3. My friend also notified me today about my Feb. 6 post that showed up on another blog. She asked me if I wrote for them or was affiliated with them. Nope. When I went to check out the link, the link didn't work as it appears they are now gone. I wonder if it was the same pirate blog as yours.

  4. Good grief....sorry this happened to you and glad you let everyone know....

  5. This has happened to me a few years ago. Why not just wrote to them and tell them to take it down. It is sad but there are many like that out there. Do not let it ruin blogging or change the way you blog. So sorry ....

  6. This happened to a good friend of mine. Some people are terrible. It is a good thing the quilting community are as vigilant as they are to shut sites like this down!

  7. You know, that's just crazy. Thanks for the info and update. It would probably be difficult to ever know where our personal stuff ends up. You probably feel like you had a burglar lurking on your blog. Sorry it happened.

  8. Pat, I am so sorry. I guess some people have no ethics. I have to answer for my mistakes and as many as I have, sometimes I am very thankful that I don't have some other's folks stuff for which to answer. Please keep blogging and showing your kitties and your wonderful creations. You have many unmet (face-to-face) friends and they hope you take the high road and not let this impact your wonderful blogging to share with us. Thank you for what you do for the creative community. It's awful to be violated. Chin up, my friend.

  9. Pat I have been hearing from other bloggers even the ones up in Canada about this. I am so sorry it must be a very unbalanced person who has know talent of her own so she had to steal from others. It feels awful when your blog has been hacked I have had this happen so I know how you feel. Blessings Sandra


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