Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Quilt Blogger's Festival ~ Small Quilt Category


This is Everly!

Everly is my grand-darling and she and I would like to show you her favorite quilt!

We are sharing this quilt in the
Small Quilt Category

in the


A big "Thank you!" to Amy @ Amy's Creative Side

for putting this big beautiful online quilt show together for us!

Here is Everly's quilt ...

This quilt is my original design.

I constructed this bright and graphic quilt to have 
dimensional pinwheels in the sashing for little fingers to grasp.

Everly loves playing with her quilt!

... and sharing!

As you can see this quilt has been washed and enjoyed and shared many times.

This baby quilt measures 43" by 52"


Riley Blake Gingham

Medium Gingham Check for the Squares and outer border and binding

Small Gingham Check for the dimension pinwheels

Kona White Solid for the sashing

Aurifil 2021 50/2 for piecing and 40/2 for quilting

Here is a the center of the top without the border.

Here is the back of the quilt.

Close up of the quilting

Everly is now a year old and her quilt has gotten a lot of wash and wear.

She enjoys turning the pinwheels this way and that and can spend a lot of time playing with them.

I am sew happy that my grand-darling loves her quilt!

Everly and I hope you have enjoyed her quilt, too, and wish to say,

"Thank you for visiting!"

Enjoy all the quilts in the wonderful Quilt Bloggers Festival

Happy Quilting!


  1. This is an adorable quilt and wonderful play quilt idea! Really like those cheery colors...hugs, Julierose

  2. Precious baby and precious quilt!

  3. What a great concept, Pat! Do the pinwheels actually turn or are each "petal" just 3D? Everly is adorable too, and very photogenic!

  4. How adorable is this quilt, all in gingham! I love it! It's funny, I was just thinking about making another 3-D pinwheel quilt yesterday! That you shared yours today must be a sign! My niece is trying for a second baby and I want to be ready! Every is just precious! What a unique and pretty name! XO

  5. Such a lovely quilt for a beautiful baby girl! I love all the gingham...such a timeless, classic look for a treasured quilt...perfect, and those 3-D pinwheels are such a great detail.

  6. Extremely cute. And so is the quilt! :)

  7. Really cute - I love those pinwheels!

  8. What an adorable baby and adorable quilt.

  9. Ah she is so cute and the quilt is adorable and I love the three dimensional pinwheels I can see why Everly loves it so much. Hugs Sandra

  10. That is a wonderful quilt.....eyecatching and fun for little fingers, too ! Congrats on a beautiful design.


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