Friday, January 22, 2010

I have the best hubby!

Yesterday my hubby visited a used book store ... he likes to browse ... and this is what he brought home to me for a "little light reading" ...

What a guy! I am soooooo lucky!

One time he brought me home this used copy of Alex Anderson's book. "Fabric Shopping" ...

... LOL !! I tell him is is aiding and abetting my fabric addiction!

My hubby also likes to go to quilt shows with me. He usually prefers the smaller quilt guild shows. He even fills out his own "Viewer's Choice" selections sometimes. His favorites are usually oriental quilts and fabrics. He even shops the quilt shops with me for oriental fabrics and patterns. His favorite quilt magazine is "Asian Fabric." Guess what he is getting for his next gift? ;-)

It is "sew nice" to have my guy share my quilty dreams.
:-) Pat


  1. What a great man you have there. I agree it is so wonderful when your DH supports our quilting dreams. Gregg has even learned to recognize quilt blocks by name.
    Looks like some great books he found for you.

  2. awww, that is the sweetest ever. what a great man!


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