Thursday, January 21, 2010

Round Robin 2010!

This block is my center medallion for this year's Round Robin. It is on its way to Ohio for the first of five borders to be added. I put my RR in the "non-peekers" album. I love the beautiful surprise I will have in the mail in a few months!

This is the second year that I will be participating in the member-run Quilt & Needle Round Robin, organized ably by by quilty friend, Ms. Dorian. To read all about this follow this thread on the Q&N Forum ...

The Quilt & Needle is just the warmest, friendliest, soft squishiest quilty home that I have found on the wide, wide web. Come join us! There is always room for a new friend in the Snug!
The first of the Round Robins which I will be adding a border to has arrived here from Canada.
Be watching for photos of my progress. I find these RRs to be real challenge to my quilty ability. I have learned so much participating in this activity and everyone is so supportive of everyone's efforts.

Here is the lovely RR that came home to me last year ...

I still need to get this one quilted. It is one of many UFO's ... alas ... so much to sew ... so little time ... best get back to playing with the fabric ...

have a happy quilty day, everyone! :-) Pat

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  1. Pat,
    You have a blog!! super.
    I just love your medallion for the 2010 RR, very striking indeed. The rich colors are so yummy.
    Your first RR top looks wonderful, you lucky girl.
    Hugs to you.


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