Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's a Cat's Life

Katniss and I were busy finishing up our blog hop project
and we are a day late to linking up with ... 
Katniss does not like to miss a party.

Katniss has been very helpful this week.  Here is she making sure my thread trails are pulled back so my machine will run properly.

Here she is helping me quilt. Such a helper. 
Of course, the real reason she is poking my quilt is because she is looking for this ...
This is the little pincushion I was making with the thought of adding it to my wall hanging to make it 3-D.  What was I thinking? 
This is not a quilty embellishment. 
This is a Katniss toy.
Now you see it; now you don't.
Here is Katniss telling me she is going to sit on my quilt
until I find it for her.
This is Katniss enjoying her toy again.

This is Katniss saying, "You moved the quilt."
This is Katniss saying, " I am going to sit on this quilt
until you find my toy again."
This is Katniss after Mommy found the toy for her again.
This is Katniss saying, "This quilting is very tiring."
This is Katniss really helping me quilt.
This is a very patient Butterfly saying,  "When do I get a toy?"
This is my newest quilty accomplishment.  Cat Toys. 
To make the quilty cats happy ...

Take a scrap piece of batting and pack it into a tight ball.  The rounder the better.  It rolls away faster, much better that the pincushion pillow design.

Find a colorful scrap fabric and sew tightly around the batting.

Leave a little thread trail for a tail.

Make many of these as the cats will run around with them in their mouths and bat them all around the house and keep losing them under the furniture.

Afterall, you are only the human and your life is to serve. 

It's a cat's life.


  1. They always want to lay around the fabric.

  2. I love your kitties! So cute and helpful ;) I love your wall hanging, too. So fun! And such a great way to cover that blank spot on the wall.

  3. Great to have so much help. We would hate it if they took no interest!

  4. How fabulous it must be to have so much kitty help. Fabulous post!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  5. Awww, Isaiah and I enjoyed your kitty pictures Pat. Katniss is so sweet.

  6. This made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I just love how helpful Katniss is. My furkids hold more of a supervisory position than actual assitant. Love the fluffy belly shot after working a hard day in the studio :)

  8. What darling cats you've got! And what a funny post!! :)

  9. As they say: "Dogs have masters; cats have staff."

    I have been honored to be part of the staff for many kitties. My previous one, dear departed Sara, wanted to take showers and then get massages with a big fluffy towel. Every day. Several times a day. I was Mommy, the spa attendant.

  10. My Quilty Kitties and I are enjoying all the love. Purrrrrr!

    Carole ... that sounds a lot like our Butterfly, the tuxedo cat, as she likes to follow me into the room when I shower and rub on my damp legs and then get toweled dry. If I sneak in the shower without her she sits at the door and meows and dashes in afterward and lets me know she will not be denied her spa time ... ;)


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