Friday, February 15, 2013

Liebster Award

It has been a wonderful week for blog hops and making new friends and finding new blogs to read.   One new friend surprised me very much by nominating my blog for the  Liebster Award.

Thank you!

I am honored that this lovely lady has enjoyed my blog
enough to pass this award along to me. 

In order to accept this award we are asked to do these things ...

1. You must tell 11 things about yourself
2. Answer the questions your nominator gives you,
3. Create 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate
4. Choose new blogs with less than 200 followers and link them to your post and
5. Please leave a comment on this post with the URL to your Liebster Award blog so I can learn about you

Here are the questions that I was asked ...

1. What were your aspirations when you were a child? ... To make the world a better place.
2. What is your favorite romantic movie? ... The Sound of Music
3. What is your dream vacation destination? ... Alaska
4. Do you have a favorite book(s)? ... many ... too many to pick one or to list ... I have always loved to read
5. What is your favorite family tradition? ... On Christmas Morning, we take turns receiving and opening our gifts ... one person at a time ... so each gifter gets to enjoy seeing their gifts being opened  and opening their own gifts on their turn.  If it is a clothing item, the recipient trys it on.    If it is a food item, it may be tasted and shared.  When the children were young, if it was a toy they would open and play with it before going on to another gift.  (This way, they were sometimes still opening gifts at night or even the next day.) Over the years, we have found lots of creative ways to change the order in which we take turns.  My daughter who is the youngest, likes to take charge of the exchange order these days,
6. How long have you been blogging? ... Since one rainy day in October in 2009 ... 
7. What do you most enjoy shopping for?  ... gifts for others
8. What pets do you have? We have two cats. We have always had a kitty or two or three to love.
9. What one thing would you most like to do to change the world? ... Make it quilty.  Snuggle everyone under homemade quilts.  Surely, it would be a more peaceful, loving, happy world.
10. What do you collect? ... fabric
11. Do you prefer being indoors or outdoors? ... I have always enjoyed the outdoors, but as I grow older, I am enjoying more being on the inside looking out.

Here are the questions that I have decided to ask of my nominees ...

11 things I would like to know about you ...

1.  What is your favorite color?
2.  Would you rather walk on a  warm sandy beach or hike on a high rocky mountain?
3.  What is your favorite season or time of the year?
4.  What have you taught others that you are most proud of?
5.  Do you play or have you played a musical instrument?
6.  What was your favorite subject in school?
7.  Do you still keep any of the books you read as a child?
8.  What is your favorite tradition?
9.   Why do you blog?
10.  Is there anything you would change in your life if you could repeat the past? You do not have to say what it is, just yes or no.
11.  Do you feel you have made the world a better place?

Here are the 11 lovely bloggers that I would like to nominate.

I enjoy reading these blogs and hop you will, too ...


Carry On ...


  1. Again?!? Holy moly. You're going to give me a big head. :)

    Also, I love your kitties.

  2. Oh my gosh! Thanks and now I'll have to spend some time thinking about those questions, not to mention choosing only 11 of my favorite blogs to pass along the honor. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hey Pat -- I'm game and here's the link to my post, this was great fun.

  4. I did it!


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