Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I am progressing on my WIP. 

On my home machine, my favorite way to quilt is to do straight line quilting. I really like the way it looks.  My Janome has a good feed system for this and I can go with the flow. It does require a considerable amount of twisting and turning and readjusting my quilt which results in the need for me to give my back and hands and eyes frequent breaks. This quilt is a large size baby quilt and will finish at 60" square, so it will take me several days.  I am also up late most nights until my back finally says enough.   I do enjoy the quilting process as long as I keep to my little bits at a time system.

Last night I ran out of thread on my 2000 yard King Tut White spool. It is the first time I have ever used up one of these big spools at home. I have had it for a couple of years and used it on several quilts. I do not have another.  I buy these only once or twice a year at quilt shows where I get a good deal. 

I dug through my stuff and came up with a 1200 yard spool of Coats and Clark 30 weight white cotton thread that is a good match.  I cannot tell the difference.  So I am up and quilting again.

Today on my computer breaks I am linking up again with

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So I have found a lovely new blog to follow. There are some pretty inspirations going on today, so stop by and enjoy the eye candy.
I am off and quilting again ... 
Have a happy quilty day!


  1. I am with you on the straight line quilting. I had a traumatic stippling experience recently and have stuck to straight lines every since.

  2. I like to do free motion when I rent the long arm at the local quilt shop. If I had one of these machines I would happily doodle all day on fabric. Maybe someday.

    I have done stipples and other FM on my Janome, but it has a bit of a lurch to it that I find unpleasant and makes smooth FM quilting difficult. Maybe it is me and I just need to work with it more.

    I have previously done FM with an open toe foot on my old Brother machine with more success. Unfortunately, that machine has a very small keyhole between the needle and the housing so larger quilts are too tight a fit.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  3. Glad you found a good match in the thread! I would hate to see you put the quilt away until you could get some more. It's going to be a beauty when finished!

  4. its looking nice xxx

    Lucy xxx

  5. I love your straight line quilting! I also use Coats and Clark 30 weight cotton with pretty good results.

  6. I did a pattern like yours on a pillow with a walking foot and I thought I would go nuts! I loved the way it looked, but just hated the process.

  7. Your baby quilt is looking good! Some quilts just look great with line or grid quilting. I will have to look into 2000 yards of King Tut thread. I just completed grid quilting a quilt using King Tut. Love the thread. I' m happy to hear that you had compatible thread on hand! I know what you mean with back aching after sitting for long periods of time of machine quilting. The quilt I mentioned was 90 x 65 inches. LOL I wrote a blog titled Wrestling with an Alligator, the alligator being my heavy quilt.

  8. What a fun pattern on your quilting. The texture it is creating is really fun.


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