Monday, December 16, 2013

Celtic Solstice Part 3 Done!

More Celtic Solstice Mystery pieces in the play!
This is still a mystery to me but it is fun playing with the units.
Sewing these did not take as long as the second part.
Finding time to get into the sewing room was off and on
as it was a busy weekend with my family.
At one point late at night I found Katniss sitting on my machine bed looking like she was sunning herself under my daylight lamp.
Katniss looked at the chain pieced string I left trailing out of my machine ... 

then looked at me as if saying, "Think maybe you should be doing something here?"

Katniss and I have completed the 100 half-square triangle and 25 pinwheels for Part 3!
We have also made some progress on my 4 Patch Leaders and Enders project.
I am linking up today with the
and also
Time to work on another project in the works!
Happy sewing!


  1. Love the colors of your pinwheels! I would get nothing done if I had such a cute helper to pet.

  2. Ooo, I love that layout! : ) Even if it's not this mystery it would be a fun one to use.
    Great looking 4 patches too

  3. Hi Pat you are such a busy lady but I love the colors you chose for your mystery quilt.
    Katniss's is so sweet how did she get that name?
    You know they really think they are helping us and we wouldn't get anything done if they weren't supervising
    I have some very bad pictures of Scott's quilt that I will send . Take care.
    Blessings Sandra

  4. How funny your cat is, micro-managing your progress! I think it is looking great.

  5. You are seeeeeeeewwwww far ahead of me on Celtic Solstice - I just haven't had much time for more than cutting fabric. #1 is completely done and #2 and #3 are only cut out. I'll get there but not till next year...

    Your layout suggestion looks great!


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