Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Quilt Block Quiz

Here is one of my earliest quilts.

It appeared in

Flying geese have always been a favorite block of mine.

Here is another of my early quilts from one if my earliest posts.

This was my first attempt at a flying geese border.
I learned a lot about fabric in this one.
The flying geese were made with assorted fat quarters.
Some of them, even though purchased from a local quilt shop,
were very thin fabrics that stretched and misshaped.
It is quite visible in the lower right corner.
I still love this quilt, though, and hang it every year in the fall.
It is not fall yet, so it is still tucked into my quilt closet.

Why am I posting this today?

According to the quiz on the

I am

"Flying Geese"
"If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right! You might seem shy at first, but once people get to know you they can't help but love you."

I found this posted by

and thought it was interesting so I am passing it along.

Have fun!



  1. I hadn't seen this - thank you. I passed it on to our quilt guild members - fun. Oh, I was a Log Cabin.

  2. I was the Flying Geese, too! It's not my favorite block to sew, but maybe I need to relook at it. :O)

  3. Cute quiz.... I came up Flying Geese too. I used to hate...hate....hate flying geese until I learned some of the newer, fail safe methods. Now I can live with it, but it's still one of the last blocks I'd choose. Hmmmm

  4. Mine came up Big Star which happens to be one of the patterns I use for fast easy charity quilts.

  5. That is great and will pass it on to by quilting buddies. I am a drunker path person my self although I have only made a block or two never a whole quilt. Must get on that this year.

  6. Hi Pat,
    I'm a 'Flying Geese" too! Love both of these quilts!

  7. Hi Pat I am flying geese to and one of the first quilts I sold when first started quilting had flying geese in it. It seemed really difficult back then but so much easier now with new methods to make it. Blessings Sandra

  8. I'm Big Star. Sounds good to me....I'm big and I love stars.

  9. I am a log cabin, but afraid did not agree with the result. 2 very nice quilts you have shared with us today, love autumn colours

  10. I had fun with this quiz too Pat. I'm a log cabin, I think I agreed with most of it, but now have forgotten what it said! LOL :D

  11. I'm a goose, too! That was a fun quiz. There are many ways to make flying geese with many tools. I think that's one of the things that appeals to be with the block even though I always seem to use the same technique. I know there are other options. Thanks for sharing some of your earliest creations and blogs.

  12. I took the quiz at Sari's too, was a disappearing pinwheel on hers and yours too, all I can say is REALLY? Never made one in my life, but it was on my to do list, so I guess I'll go do it.........Really....and pinwheel ?

  13. Pat, I got log cabin and have yet to make one :) My grandmother was a quilter before I was and she made me one but it got ruined in a fire. So now it will be my turn to make one I think! Thanks for sharing... love your blog and started following you too... looking forward to your post on the 1st :) Kathi


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