Monday, August 18, 2014

Spider Web Quilt-Along ~ Cutting Curves with a Quick Curve Ruler

Feeling a bit of fall in the air today!

No, the leaves are not changing here yet.

This photo was taken last fall.

I am just getting ready for sewing for Fall 2014.

I had this post ready to post in September, but I just read this ...

3 Day Sale on the QCR @ Sew Kind of Wonderful

Join our Blog Hop

to kick off her fun blog hop.

There is a cute  Free "Cupcakes" Patter Tutorial Here

I will be hopping along for this one to gather more ideas for using my QCR.

There is also

QCR Giveaway Today @ Quokka Quilts

Hop on over for a chance to win the ruler and a pattern!

Enjoy the hop!

This is the ruler I use for cutting the curves in my 

Spider Web Quilt-Along 2014

 ~ Cutting The Curves ~

I bought my Quick Curve Ruler


who created this ruler and has developed a great line of
to make using this wonderful tool.

I love this ruler and find it very versatile.

I have used it to cut round corners on a custom table cloth 
for my son's odd shaped table.

I have made my son a runner from the free pattern that came with the ruler.

I have made most of the Curve it Up Quilt-Along blocks
... and need to get these blocks sewn into a quilt top. 

I used this ruler to make the scalloped petal shaped 
table quilts for my daughter's wedding reception tables last year.

I will be using it again this year to cut the curved pieced spider web quilt ...

... and the outside curves of the web.

Click Here for the Tutorial for my 2013 Spider Web

I am also using it for the "twist" I am spinning on this year's web.

I love this ruler.

If you have another curved ruler or preferred method of cutting curves 
you may want to use your own method for making the spider web.

I might try using a plate if I did not have the quick curve ruler.

If you are sewing the Spider Web Quilt-Along this year 
and choose to use another method, please share your method.  
I love to learn new things.

If you do not have a preferred method of cutting the curves and want to sew a

Spider Web Quilt

you may want to consider adding the

to your quilting tools.

I am not affiliated with this business.
These are just my personal opinions.

If you decide to purchase the QCR and give this method a try,

I suggest that you 

watch all of the helpful

and maybe try one of Jenny's free patterns, 

such as ... 


... sew a few blocks and get used to using the ruler before 

cutting your spider web top.

I love sewing curves and hope you will, too!

Life in the Scrapatch


Podunk Pretties said...

Well you make that ruler look super easy to use, thanks for sharing and inspiring. Looking forward to seeing everyone's creations.

Carol S. said...

So many amazing curvy projects! You make it look so easy!

Quilting Tangent said...

The spider web looks great, how did you make it stiff to hang it?

Needled Mom said...

I LOVE that Spider Web quilt.

Carla said...

You make those curves look easy peasy. Love your quilts and that spider web.

margaret said...

this looks very tempting, will have to check out how much the ruler will be to see if I can join in need to buy in the UK postage from the US is so much

KaHolly said...

Hmmmm, looks as though this ruler is a must have!