Saturday, August 16, 2014

Another Stitchin' Sisters Round Robin Update

Debbieann, can I keep it?

Better yet ... after Cherie adds her border 

(... of which I have seen a sneak peek ...)

... is it okay if she sends it back to me?

Katniss says, "Pretty please?"

I set this top on point with a 10" wedge ruler.

I pieced the fan blades and pressed the seams open and pinned 
and sewed and pressed the fans on the corners. 

The kitties helped.

Butterfly was so helpful.

Really helpful. 

Then Katniss and I trimmed off the curves.

I had to use a yardstick for cutting as they were too long for my longest ruler.

Right after I cut this corner, I had to take a "cat on quilt" break.

After Katniss moved, I got ready to cut the next corner.

Then Katniss surprised me by jumping back on the table while on one 
of her wild romps through the house and sent the ruler flying.

I picked up and re-aigned my ruler and cut.

I did not "check twice, cut once" ...

... oops!

Not one of my best quilty moments.

After much angst and quilty drama,

 I made a new corner section.

Can you tell "one of these things is not like the others" now?


Clue: I happened to put it back in the same place 
when I repinned it to my design wall.

Still can't see it?

Look closer ... 

Problem was I did not have a long enough strip of the paisley 
to cut another long fan blade for the center of the fan.

So I had to piece it.

I have come to the conclusion that I love paisley.

Paisley is a very forgiving fabric.

I added two inch strips of a light fabric around the edges to frame and
 stabilize the bias stretch in the cut fans blades.

Looking forward to seeing Cherie's border magic!

This Round Robin is rounding third and almost on its way home

to Debbieann. 

I am looking forward to my own RR coming home soon.

{{{{{{hugs and stitches}}}}}



  1. Looks great! I love paisley too..... no one will ever see that seam. And I love it when cats "spontaneously erupt"..... how goofy!

  2. Wow!! Very dramatic! You kitties make me miss mine!!

  3. Very nice Ms Pat! Very dramatic. It will be interesting to see what Cherie does.

  4. Oh my! These fans are beautiful! Makes me wonder what will come next!

  5. I think I might have gotten so frustrated I would have tossed it away! :) blessings, marlene

  6. Love it it is a gorgeous quilt and so different. Don't you just feel sick when something like that happens but your quilty brain was working and came up with the perfect solution. What would you do without your Kitties to help? Blessing Sandra


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