Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Let It Snow!

I have my lovely flannel + crochet goodness 
to keep me warm!

I woke up to this fresh snow and have stayed in
(like I have pretty much everyday so far this year)
and worked on my project for the

A Fresh Snow Blog Hop

First I made a mug rug test project.

Then I made a pillow cover.

Now Katniss and I are working on a quilt.
It is a create as I go process and has
Disappearing 9 Patch Blocks as the main design.
It may or may not have crochet between the blocks.
Katniss and I hope to have this one done soon.

To help me make this I am using this fun new toy from ...

Kay's Crochet

.... that cuts tiny evenly spaced holes in my flannel block.

I sandwich and sew two flannel pieces, right sides together,
 and turn them right side out and run a line of stitches around the edge
before I cut the holes so it will have finished edges and be long lasting.

It is easy to insert my Size D crochet hook in the holes cut by the blade.

The crochet is basic singe crochet in easy rounds.

I used white yarn and closed the pillow form right in as I finished.
This makes a nice accent around the edge and
if I ever have to remove the cover from the pillow
I just need to pull out the white
yarn and the rest of the crochet will be intact.

I have tried to make this type of project before with
a needle and yarn and blanket stitching the edge 
and also with a sharp end crochet hook to pierce the fabric
but between my eyesight and my aches in my hands 
I could not complete a project.

I really love the new cutting blade. 

I have enjoyed working on this project while counting down the days to my
laser eye procedure. It has been slow going.
It has also help me to feel creative and productive.

Please visit all my blogging friends today ... 

Jan 25

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Thanks, Marian, for organizing this hop!

It is snow fabulous!

Thanks for visiting today ... :-)


  1. I love this. What a handy little tool to make the holes. I will have to look into that.

  2. Your pillow is fabulous! I love how you combined techniques and materials.

  3. Your pillow is so cute. That tool looks wonderful, I see many more quilting and sewing projects with crochet.

  4. This is so pretty Pat! I love the look of crochet/knitting between blocks. I've always wished I knew how to knit, so I could make a blanket like this. lol. Can't wait to see your quilt.

  5. now how cool is that tool!! well done, Ms. Pat! your pillow is lovely.

  6. The crochet adds a really nice and personal touch to the pillow. It's amazing what tools are available. The pillow looks great.

  7. Your pillow is wonderful. I've never seen your technique before. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing how you do it.

  8. Love your snowflake pillow and how you crocheted the pieces together. It really turned out lovely.

  9. i just love your pillow-great idea! Thank you, Susan

  10. wonderful! thank you for sharing the cutter tool - very cool! and what a beautiful helper you have!

  11. I love this pillow, so fun and whimsical and the combination of techniques is amazing. It kinda makes me want to take up crochet to make one of my very own. I can't wait to see the quilt tho, that's going to be a lovely addition with the pillow.

  12. The blade is a very clever help. I've tried things like this before and it is hard on your hands. Thanks for sharing your project.

  13. What an adorable pillow and so warm and comfy looking--
    I like that new 'tool' you showed and will have to keep my eye for one--
    and it looks like it might be alot of fun to play with--
    and I love your 'helper' give her a hug for me--
    Enjoy the moment, di

  14. That's a nifty tool you found! Your pillow looks really nice.

  15. Pat! What a clever project, thanks for sharing (mind you, I'll like the quilt better....)

  16. Very nice pillow! I envy your ability to crochet. It is something I wish I knew how to do. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Your projects are so cool (no pun intended). I wondered if the fabric in the photo was suede but double flannel. Thanks for all the info.

  18. Cute bunny and snow. I adore star blocks and snowflakes blocks. I haven't done much crochet in my life, but my sister is a whiz. She's even taught herself to knit. It's fun sharing similar hobbies with my sister best friend

  19. Gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing

  20. Your project turned out great. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Very cool both its in one project.

  22. Very cool both its in one project.

  23. both your projects are lovely. hope everything with your eye procedure goes well.

  24. Very cute--I need to find one of those tools!

  25. Thanks for sharing your pillow. I really like how you inserted the crochet. That hole punching blade looks great.

  26. Love the snowflakes, thanks for sharing

  27. What a lovely project! I will have to look for that blade. Thanks for sharing your process as well as the product.

  28. I love the crochet around the snowflake blocks. It looks so pretty. I haven't seen this blade before so I am happy that you shared it with us and showed what it did. I will be on the lookout for it. Thank you for sharing today.

  29. oh, I love your pillow. thanks for sharing

  30. a lovely cushion the crochet has worked so well with the applique

  31. Now that is just too cool. What an adorable pillow and what inspiration that cool new tool has given me. Thanks to looks like I am going to have to go shopping today! LOL!!!!


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