Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sewing Red

It is red month at the

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017 @ So Scrappy

This started in January while I was waiting for my laser eye procedure.
so I am a very late start.

Better late than not at all.

So yesterday I gathered a handful of red strings ...

and started sewing ...

until I had these random size units.

The rest was a lot of improv piecing, cutting and squaring
to make different types of spool blocks.

This was fun!

I have had the idea of making a scrappy stringy thread spool quilt for some time.

The RSC has provided just the incentive I needed to get working on this project.

Linking Up with Scrap Happy Saturday

There is a lot of wonderful blocks and inspiration in the links.



  1. Always better late than not at all! I'm glad your laser procedure went well.
    Your string spools look great! I'm so glad you joined in!!!

  2. Those are wonderful. I love all of the different spool designs.

  3. liking what you have done here, good to read too that the eye laser treatment was sucessful. I am doing cray blocks for this challenge only one block a month though!

  4. You certainly have been busy with your scrappy RED bits!!

  5. You got a good start on those string blocks. Very pretty!


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