Monday, March 13, 2017

Stitchin With My Sisters ~ SS BOM 2017

I am sewing a BOM along with a few of my online 
this year.

This is a Mystery BOM for most of us
as our wonderfully organized leader is sending us a copy of
the monthly block pattern in an envelope in the mail,
the "old-fashioned" way.

It is nice to look forward to these monthly mailings!

Here are my first three months blocks:

January - Lozenge Block

February - Concordia Block

March - Double Square Block

I am really enjoying these sampler type blocks.

I have made some variation by adding an extra fabric in two of the blocks.

I was gifted after Christmas with this wonderful 

I knew at once that it was what I wanted to sew for the BOM,
so I ordered the linen background fabric and large print for the border
and small stripe for the binding.

I love these fabrics!

I am happy that I actually up to date on this BOM!

Looking forward to April's block.

Tomorrow the forecast is for a late winter blizzard.
Projected snow maps has my scrapatch in the 30" Plus band.

I am hoping for much less.

Schools and municipal buildings, businesses and airports
are already scheduled to be closed tomorrow.

A good day to stay in and sew ... :-)


  1. Your blocks look lovely my friend. May you and yours stay safe, I hope you get much less then predicted.

  2. Great job keeping up so far! Your fabrics are so pretty, it will be gorgeous when completed. Stay safe and warm! XO

  3. Girl your points are perfect. I'll get there eventually. Like your colors too.


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