Thursday, March 23, 2017

30's POTC BOM ~ Block 1 Done!

Block 1 is done!

This is for a 30's POTC BOM that I started Here

This also shows the background fabric I have chosen.

Since all the 30's fabrics will be scrappy,
I decided to go with a single background fabric that frames the blocks

This quilt is based on the historic quilt from

I found this book on Amazon written by Lucy's daughter-in-law.

It is not a pattern book.

I has a lot of photos and history of the The Manor.

It is a very interesting read about Lucy's life and quilts.

I like to read when I am not sewing.

I have the pieces ready to sew Block 2.

I just need to decide which of these layouts I like best:

Block 2 Layout 1

Block 2 Layout 2

I am having a tough time deciding
and am going to have to sleep on it.

:) Opinions welcome  :)

Sweet Quilty Dreams!


  1. Not only is the pattern adorable, but they way you are fussy cutting the pieces is amazing.

  2. I personally like layout one but who am I to say. LOL awesome block


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