My Quilts

Some of My Quilts and Quilted Projects ...

This quilt was  a finalist in the Fall 2012 Quilt Blogger's Festival
Small Table Quilt and Placemats
(my own design)

Dresden Square
(my own pattern)

Hugs & Kisses
Pattern from

The Coming Of Spring
Q&N Pattern w/ custom border
Christmas Tumbling Blocks
(my own easy piecing method)
Snowpeople Table Runner
I'm a little Scrappy

Misty Irish Morning
pattern from The Quilt & Needle

Good Day Sunlight
Clothworks Sunflower Pattern
Indian Summer Table Runner
(my own pattern)
Sisterhood of Quilters Quilt
Quilt & Needle Friends & Fellows Pattern w/custom border

Pumpkin Patch Quilt
Bright Batik Block Quilt (2)
Bright Batik Quilt (1)
Quilting Close-up
 Halloween Table Topper
Tea Cozy and Table Topper
Come For Coffee Table Quilt
... more pictures coming soon :)

[under construction]


  1. I enjoyed looking at your beautiful quilts.

  2. Love all your quilts and projects. Thanks for sharing. Grandbaby is just gorgeous. Yes we are all truly blessed.
    Margaret in OZ.


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