Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Baby Sister Quilt is Done!

The Baby Sister Quilt is Done!

One of my readers said this looked like "strawberry shortcake" 
and I think this is a good name for this quilt.  
There are even some scrap charms of Strawberry Shortcake fabric in there.  
So I am calling this quilt ... 

"Strawberry Shortcake" 


pieced back

The Quilting Details

I quilted this one with straight line quilting on my home machine.
The drop fee mechanism on my machine is still not working right.
I love straight line quilting.

This is the Big Sister Quilt.

When I made this 

in February and decided it was destined for a pink loving little girl,
 my daughter's niece by marriage.
  Then I learned that there was a new baby sister on the way and decided that I needed to make a baby sister pink and white quilt
made with some of the leftover squares and fabrics.

 Since the first quilt  had a X and O on a white background for the backing,

my quilty muse decided this new quilt must have an X and O, too,
on the pieced backing.

I made an easy half-snowball X and O for the baby quilt.

I hope these lovely little girls enjoy their quilts!

<3 <3

My backyard is looking a bit different than it did when ...

I finished the first quilt!

 It is a lot nicer for taking quilty pictures. 

and sitting out side

I cleaned and "de-furred" the quilts again for gifting.
Butterfly helped.

Katniss helped.

Eventually I got as much fur off as is possible with two cats 
shedding in the hot summer.

All packed and ready to go!

 Time for our next project!

Katniss agrees.

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Have a happy quilty day! 



  1. They are both wonderful and I am sure they will be well loved.

  2. Those quilts are absolutely wonderful Pat ! The cross quilt is what I made for my soon to be new grandson. Are the x's and o's easier than the paper pieced ones we did ?

  3. Love them both and yes, the name Strawberry Shortcake is perfect. I actually thought there was some fabric with that little girl (something from my childhood). I love furry helpers. They can make things challenging at times, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

  4. That is fabulous! I love the backing too. Very sweet

  5. This quilt is so pretty and I like the back too! very pretty and pink!

  6. Perfect name for that darling quilt! The girls are going to treasure those for years!

  7. so cute, love the name, it is perfect!!!

  8. Wow! what a great SET of quilts.

  9. Beautiful Quilts, Pat. Love them both.

  10. Totally suitable name for the quilt - it's delicious!!

  11. that's a lovely design and so great that you provided a tutorial. The quilt makes me think of Strawberry Shorttcake. thanks for linking up!

  12. They both turned out lovely! I like how they coordinate but are not identical.

  13. Beautiful quilts and your little helpers are cute!!

  14. Hi Pat both the quilts are so beautiful and I really love the lattice on the one quilt. The backs with the X-O are so cute . I am doing my weekly reading so you don't have to answer every one .

  15. Just discovered your blog. This is a lovely quilt; it looks and sounds oh so yummy!!!
    Thank you for the free tutorial.


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