Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cutting Quilting Costs

Rotary Cutting Blades

... less than a dollar each!

What a find!

My friend,

sent me one of these blades to try and it is a wonderful way 
to cut quilting blade costs. 

They are not fancy.

They only fit in my older cutting handles,
the type with the little metal spacing ring.

They did not fit in my new blue and yellow easy blade release handle 
as they are a bit thicker than regular cutting blades.

But they are very sharp and cut as well, if not better than,
 my more expensive brand name blades.

Dorian cautioned me that occasionally she gets one with and nick or burr.

I have gotten more than a few of those in an expensive name brand package.

The ones in the name brand packages have been getting dull very quickly.

The one she sent me has been lasting and lasting 
but I wanted to find some for when this one gives out.

My hubby looked in the local home supply stores but did not find them.

Then he suggested we look here ...

... where we found these packs of two blades for $1.99 each!

... in the carpet installation tool section.

A blade has got to be very sharp and tough to cut through carpet.

It cuts through my quilting cotton like butter.

Makes me a happy quilter.

Just wanted to pass this tip along FYI.



Now why did I not see this years ago? 

"We're Going Shopping" @ Sew We Quilt


Sharon @ Vrooman's Quilts

I am a long time reader of both these blogs.

Well ... better late to the shopping party than not at all ... ;) 

Thanks, Sharon

Have a happy quilty day!



  1. Thanks for the great info! I will be trying this out asap, as I am tired of paying a fortune for rotary cutting blades that go dull in no time!

  2. I've been using these since I started quilting. (I have several carpenter/handyman in the family). There are a number of items for quilters in Harbor Freight - take a walk about some time.

  3. Thanks for the info. I was looking at the titanium but they are very expensive, and I think they only fit the fiskars type rotary cutters.

  4. I'm always hunting a bargain. Thanks for the info, Pat.

  5. i bought some a few weeks ago, those you buy at jo anns ware out just as fast as these.

  6. I stop at Harbor Freight and pick a couple up for friends. I don't use the larger cutter, so can't take advantage. I've picked up a few things there, thought, that can be used in the sewing room.

  7. I have used these and they are great when I can find them. Living in small town doesn't always make it easy.

  8. This is too funny. Just last week I bought a pack to try. We have a new Harbor Freight nearby and I had stopped for the free metal measuring tape for some more click-it bags and grabbed a pack. I had a friend that used to order the blades from them online before the store came our way. She'd order 50 at time. She thought they were great but also said now and then there might be a bum one. But also commented at the cost it was not a problem to toss it out.

  9. When I teaching Sunday school I wanted some die with letters and numbers for the kiddos. Harbor Freight had the best price and I had to pay freight. Well, I never did get around to buying the die and doing the project. I quit teaching Sunday school, one of the co-pastors died, things happened and I've heard the church folded. Now we have a Harbor Freight in our town, so guess where I want to go tomorrow. Who knows I might just splurge and get the die and then guess what the grand boys and I might do next time I go back to visit. I just might find some washers to imprint with those die, too. Thanks for the tip, my friend Pat. Who hasn't gotten a blade with a nick and then I can get my knickers in a knot - lol.


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