Friday, July 11, 2014

Easy Lattice Quilt Block

"Easy Lattice" Quilt Block

To "test"

My Easy Lattice Quilt Method

 for making my

I sewed a simple nine patch block with my extra charm squares.

My squares are 4.5" 
so I cut 1.25 strips of white 
to make my block.

If my charms were 5" square I would likely cut my strips at 1.5"

I sewed the strips directly onto the nine patch block
without cutting the block.

I used the seam edge to keep my strips straight.

If you wanted a wonky effect, you could just use the same method without aligning to a straight edge.

I did not cut the strips to size lengthwise.
I just made sure they were longer than my block side.
I trimmed to size afterward.

Then I aligned my 1/4 inch mark on my ruler on my seam line ...

.. then I cut on the outside strip of block away ...

... on both sides.

 I sewed the strips to the outside edge of the white strip,
right sides together.

 I pressed my strip seams open.

 I turned the end pieces to create a new effect.

Then I sewed a second set of strips at a ninety degree angle to the first, again lining up my strips with the nine patch block seam.

Again, I aligned my ruler on the outside edge of my 1/4" seam
 and cut away the long sides.

I played with the long side strips and "auditioned"

... before I decided on this one.

I sewed the long strip sides to the white sashing strips
making sure my white strips matched lines at the cross.

Then I pressed and trimmed my block square.

The method is sew easy!

It was too much fun not to share today.

This is a "test" block for my new charm quilt.

I am using this same method of sewing the strips onto the quilt top
and then cutting and resewing.

This is sew fun!

There are so many possibilities with this method!

I have ideas for easy plaid blocks, interwoven and knot blocks and more using this method. 

My quilty muse is having a lot of fun and running with ideas for this one faster than I can sew.

This test block will be turned into a pillow cover.

I am already planning to make a quilt
using this method with
with Kona solids.

Pictures of my new baby quilt top coming soon!



  1. You've chosen such sweet prints for this block. I saw similar quilt last year and started cutting for a QOV. I think it'll look wonderful in just about any colorway. It's going to make a fabulous baby quilt - I ought to make a boy and a girl version to have on hand. Looking forward to seeing your completed quilt.

  2. Very sweet fabric and a lovely block!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun Ms Pat. I'm glad you're enjoying your sewing :) This block will look great in a wide variety of colors and fabric styles. Thanks for sharing! And it's funny, but I was just playing around with a disappearing 9patch too! lol

  4. Neat idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. This is fantastic, I love little tricks and making things easier.

  6. Another challenging trick that turns out great. Do you sleep? Or does your mind work while you sleep. You get me jazzed.

  7. Pat, what a remarkable (wait, there's no marking) idea. I love the idea. The white gives the block a fresh pop. However, a different color of sashing would lend a completely different look to the block - what a clever block. As I was writing that, I was wondering what a block of solids with a print sashing would render. Now, I want to play. Thanks for the great tutorial pat. Now you have my mind whirring. As if it ever shuts down either.

  8. Pretty in pink, you have a new quilt done before I can blink. Did you get e-mail I sent last week? I wondered because you usually send one back quickly. Hugs Sandra

  9. Your block is incredibly clever. I've never seen a process like this before. Thank you for sharing.


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