Monday, July 7, 2014

P.S. ... Mail Call!

"P.S." = "Pretty Strings"

I love squishies!

I love fabric of all colors, designs, shapes and sizes.

I like scraps and strings.

So recently when 

said she had some strings looking for a new home
and asked me if I would like them,
I did not think twice. 

Amy  makes pretty quilts.

Amy has pretty strings.

I said, "Yes, please!"

Today a nice fat box of strings arrived!

Katniss, who knows all about needing a new home and finding a place here, inspected and approved. 

Just in time for making a few more diamond string blocks 
to make my swap quilt larger.

Not that I do not have a plastic box full of strings,
but my strings are always happy to have friends join us 
here in the scrapatch.

Thanks, Amy!



  1. It is always more fun to play with other's scraps - and they do make such great play buddies for our own.

  2. I have a basket overflowing with strings - now I just need to get to sewing them. :) blessings, marlene


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