Thursday, July 31, 2014

Here Kitty Kitty Quilt Tutorial ~ Kitty in the Corner Block

 Kitty in the Corner Quilt Block

Here Kitty Kitty Quilt Tutorial

The "Kitty in the Corner" Block

Cutting Instructions

pieces cut

To cut the ears, I cut 3" strips
Then I used my 
to cut the 60 degree triangles and setting pieces.

If you do not have a 60" cutting ruler, you could use the 60 degree cutting line
on your rotary cutting mat. 

I pieced the ears into a strip.

Center the pieces so that the tips extend to form the "dogears"

 Press seams open.

To make the body I sewed on the diagonal 

Block partially pieced.

I cut the body pieces oversize and trimmed them down and measured.

Piece sections together.

I pressed most seams open.

Front of block, trimmed and squared.

Block measures 12.5 " square. 

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