Thursday, July 10, 2014

120 Pink Charms + One Kitty

120 Pink Charms ~ All In Rows

There is a kitty on these fabrics..   

The Butterfly:  "Of course there is a kitty on the fabrics!"

Me: "Butterfly, I mean there is a kitty printed on one of the charms."

The Butterfly:  "Where's the kitty?"

The Butterfly:  "Did you wash the kitty?"

Me:  "Butterfly, I washed the kitty on the fabrics. 

The Butterfly:  "I don't see any kitty."

The Butterfly is looking for the kitty. 

The Butterfly: " I found the kitty!"

The Butterfly:  " I'll just lay right here on the kitty for you so it doesn't get away.
You don't want to sew these together right now, do you?"

Me: " Well, I guess it is time for a break anyway."

The next step is going to be fun! 

Butterfly and I have a surprise for you.

The Butterfly is linking up today with the fun felines at



  1. Pretty, pretty pink squares...and a cute Butterfly ;0)

  2. You have such a dedicated helper!

  3. your sweet cat is a perfect accent to all that pink is her name butterfly

  4. "Who's on first?" Super cute!

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    promising. I love a bargain and I require good, sharp blades. Thanks for sharing. I am a very
    scrappy quilter, and I will be following you and any tutorials you wish to share. I can't wait for your next blog post.


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