Thursday, July 24, 2014

Got Gingham?

I've Got Gingham!

Specifically Riley Blake Gingham

These are fat quarters.

Two of them have already got pieces cut out of them for another project.

I also got a nice yardage piece of medium gray gingham.

I got a nice big cut of Kona Solid White.

I got ideas.

I got nothing done.

{{{{{{{{{{Shhhhhhh! ... do not tell Mdm Samm}}}}}}}}}}}

I thought I had my idea for this project but I did not have enough fabric.

So I am re-thinking.

I have two ideas.

Both can be found on my

*Got Gingham* Pinterest Board Here

My quilty muse is contemplating this quilty dilema
while I am sewing my current project.

I need to decide!

Wishing for a "eureka!" moment soon.

September is a little over a month away ...

I need to get sewing!

Have you got gingham?



On my gingham stars!

I just found this and have to share ... 

Two free gingham paper doll books
and Grandma has a treadle sewing machine!

Click HERE

Saving these for my little grand-darling!



  1. No, I do not have any gingham. I am looking for what I need and still thinking on what I plan to make also. Looking forward to seeing your creation at the hop.

  2. Shhhh...nope, I got no RB gingham....double shhhh or I'll be in big trouble with you know who :0) It's okay though cause I know exactly what I "plan" to do, and if not that I have a back up project LOL Love your gingham though...and your quilty muse will pull through, she always does with creativity to spare!

  3. Yes you have gingham...and some lovely gingham at that...and psst Ihave a bit too lol
    I am already inspired..your post is delightful ..

  4. Oh yes I do! My favorite print. Looking forward to seeing your creation.

  5. I've never worked with gingham, but I suddenly have a yen to do so. Some miniature blocks in gingham sound very, very tempting!

  6. You do have lots of gingham and such a cute little one, too. Can't wait to see the way you transform those gingham pieces into something magical.

  7. I got already 2 projects done, and the big one is waiting for quilting, but lots of quilting, so I have to stay focussed... :-) Can't wait to see your projects!!

  8. With a Beautiful Post like this I can't wait either to see what you create! Such a Beautiful Grandbaby!! I an going to skip over and see the books, I have 2 Granddaughters who I think would really enjoy them. Yes, I have some Gingham too!
    Huggs, Nancy

  9. Oooh! what are you going to do with that? I'm seeing bright solids with it to break it out of the traditional.. Hmm... curious to see what will happen to it !

  10. Oh, Pat! I love gingham. My mom once made red/white gingham dresses for the two of us. My brothers had matching shirts. When we went to the "big city" shopping, we wore those clothes. I was always reminded that if I got separated from the group, to look at my dress and then look for the same material to find one of my family. Mom and I also had lilac/white gingham dresses later. I imagine we had even more than I can recall quickly. I made some gingham clothes for my second grandson when he was born. I think gingham is cool on the bias, too. Now, I wish I had time and had joined the hop. I'll have cheering everyone else.

  11. Ohmigosh, I was just looking at some gingham bundles in Spotlight today and was reminded of how much I love it, but I have never used it in quilting; but now, thanks to your pinterest board I can see just how to use them - (those gingham stairs are brilliant by the way -that's creativity to a T!) Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I can't wait to see what you make with that gingham! And thank you for sharing those sweet paper doll links :)


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