Saturday, July 5, 2014

Stitchin' Sisters RR Update

My Stitchin' Sisters have been stitchin' again!

Here are the newest photos of our Round Robin quilts in progress.

Above is Tricia's lovely snowball border on my round robin.  
My round robin is looking wonderful!
Looking forward to seeing this beauty come home in a few months.
I am thinking this will make a great winter bed quilt for me.
I have always wanted a bed quilt in these colors.

Tricia has given me the idea that all of our stitchin' sisters
should show their pretty faces with one of theses borders, too.

Smile for the camera, my stitchin' sisters ... :)

Tricia blogged about this and her other quilty projects on her blog:

Here is Tricia's own RR in the works ...

I sent this one to Cherie less than two weeks ago.
Cherie's speedy stitchin' had a new border on this beauty in no time.
I love the way Cherie took this photo outside in the sun.
The birdies perched on the clothesline .makes me smile ... :)

To see all our lovely Round Robins In Progress
Click Here

I now have this beauty on my design wall.

I have a plan.

I am gathering fabrics.

I hope to have a border on this by the end of the week ... 
or maybe the week after ... 
I am one of the slower stitchin' sisters. 

... just keep sewing ...



  1. They are all very pretty. A round robin for quilts, what a fun idea, and makes a real memory quilt too! Love the colours in yours, you will be warm and well snuggled this winter!

  2. That is so exciting. I can imagine how much fun it is to see them "grow".

  3. maravilhoso trabalho, estou começando a fazer uma pequena colcha , sera um desafio, estou aprendendo pelos paps da net e revistas , esperoi conseguir amo seus trabalhos parabéns

  4. sounds like to me round robins are keeping you and many more totally inspired over the summer....

  5. These are gorgeous! I have participated in rr in the past and have had so much fun. They are tricky to do sometimes, figuring out what will work at a certain size. Great job!


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