Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Easy Peanut Butter Fudge

While taking my Pinterest break yesterday I found this easy recipe 

and the taste buds said this would make a yummy summer dessert so I spent a few minutes in the kitchen to stir this together and tuck in the fridge.

I made half smooth and then half crunchy because that's the way I like it.

The prep that took the longest was shelling the roasted no-salt peanuts 

I had in my peanut basket.

Of course, it would not have taken as long to get enough peanuts for add-ins 
had I not snacked ... ;)

I also added crushed graham cracker crumbs to the crunchy half.

This is good, but I think next time I will dig out my 40 year old recipe for

No Bake Peanut Butter Bars 

which are more similar to 

The ratio of 10X sugar to peanut butter makes for a less sweet 
and more peanutty taste. 

Really ... I did not just have a piece of peanut butter fudge with my coffee 
while I typed this morning post ... ;)

My back has been acting up so my sewing and gardening and cooking 
and such this week is off to a slow start. 
Not sure what I did over the weekend that put the knots in my back.
I am trying to stretch the knots out and it is helping.

In my quilty corner, Butterfly and I are finishing the binding on ...

... the pink baby sister quilt. 

I use no pins or clamps when I bind a quilt.

I just roll and stitch as I go along.

I do not use a lot of pins when I sew and quilt.

Yesterday I had a reader write to me about my quilting technique ...

I do not baste, use pins or basting spray when I quilt.

I am wondering if others would be interested in a tutorial on my method.

If so, leave me a comment or drop me a email.

I love to share with other quilters.

Linking up today with

Down Home Blog Hop @ Tilly's Nest

where I enjoyed reading the links and learned why two on my hydrangeas did not bloom this year.  I cut then back too late in the fall. Now I know better.  Next year they will bloom again.

Living and learning here in the scrapatch.

Thanks for visiting!

Have a happy quilty day!



  1. First she tempts us with quilt patterns and pretty fabric, now it's sinful fudge! My sweet tooth just kicked in, I'm off to the kitchen!

  2. lovely post, delicious treat all around...

  3. . . . I think I read somewhere that peanut butter fudge is good for a sore back . . . ;o)

  4. MMM, I love PB fudge Ms Pat! That recipe is very similar to mine. I even have a chocolate one that is just as easy :) I hope your back feels better soon. It's all that sewing you've been doing ;)


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