Friday, April 26, 2013

Random 5 and Feline Friday

1) A cat on a leash.
Does not get much more random than that!
2) This is Katniss.
Last summer we adopted Katniss at 2 and 1/2 last years old from a shelter where she was taken in as a stray and got her name, but they and no idea what her previous life was like.  She appeared to have a bad leg and has an unusual gate for a cat, so I thought she might have been hit by a car at one time, but she might also have been kept in a cage and just never learned to run and jump.  Katniss is not very street smart and  does not seem to understand about cars. She learned to jump from our older cat which she watches and imitates constantly.  Now very active, she loves to run and jump around the house. Every time we take her out on her leash, she acts like she has never seen any of this before.  It is fun to watch.
 Katniss is now an indoor cat that
we will only take out on a leash.
She is a very happy cat.
3) Spring is arriving at last in my corner of New England.
Like the one in this picture,
the tulips outside in my quilty corner are just budding.
4) Our first tulip of spring!
 Now blooming inside in a pot in the corner of my enclosed front porch.
5) A Fabric Circle Cutter
Also really random .. ;)
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Have a happy weekend!


  1. Katniss is a lovely kitty! It's great that she enjoys a leash, and also that she's an indoor cat. All four of ours are indoors. We live on a dead end street, but that doesn't keep people from driving like maniacs sometimes..

  2. I've thought about trying a cat leash. 2 of my 3 like to go out on the porch (with supervision!) and are very good girls to stay on the porch. If they explore a little too far, I can clap my hands and they run back to the porch.

    The neighbor leaves her kitchen window cracked in the summer and her cats jump in and out as they please, wandering the 'hood. I often find them sitting on my porch steps...which my cats later need to investigate. It's a never ending process and hilarious in my mind!

  3. Oh, Miss Katniss is adorable. I have an outdoor Torti cat that I think broke her leg as a kitten and she limps, runs, jumps as good as any of the other cats.

    Thanks for joining in today! xo

  4. i was shocked the 1st time i saw a cat on a leash. i guess if it works - it works. i guess they feel more safe or comfortable? ( :

  5. None of our kittens then cats took to the harness and leash nor the collar and leash so you are lucky she looks quite comfortable..nice adoptive story..all of our pets have been found by us or have found us..we have one wild cat who lives here, has his own indoor bedroom he moved in 6 years ago, still he won't let us touch but his nose

  6. I love your post and how sweet is your Katniss!

  7. I enjoyed your cat pictures. So glad you adopt shelter cats.

  8. I forgot to mention we used to put our cat in a harness when she was outside. In less that 5 minutes kitty was gone leaving the harness behind!


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