Sunday, June 8, 2014

A New Quilty Plan ~ and a Question for my Readers

I am hatching a new quilty plan for these pretties!

I am designing and sewing a very special 
Baby Tumbling Blocks Quilt 
for a very special Baby Girl ...

This is Baby Girl snoozing on her Grampy's chest,
safe and sound and not a care in the world.

After I get my baby quilt together I was thinking to post 
a free tutorial of how I make this quilt.

Here is my Question for my Readers:

Do you think you might be interested in my posting this as a 

Quilt Along  ??

This would be a free quilt along, 
most likely in late July, 
that I would leave up on my blog afterward. 

Saying yes in no way obligates you to sew along.

This is just an interest poll.

If you think you would like to help by testing in late June or early July before I post it, please email me.  

I know by reading my blogger statistics that 
these three tutorials get the most visits ... 

I wrote up this tutorial to help an online friend who was a new quilter 
when she asked me how to sew this traditional pattern. 
At the time she wanted to make a quilt for a Christmas gift and was not ready to try " y seams."

 It was almost Christmas so I made this quilt  ...

The tutorial for my

Country Girl Tumbling Blocks quilt would use the above method

with cutting and sewing instructions for a baby/toddler size quilt.

So what do you say

Tumbling Blocks Baby Quilt-Along ?? 

"Check Yes or No"

____ Yes

____  No


Well, I guess I have two questions for my readers today ...

Next Question ... 

Music Player ... On?  or Off ??

Recently I realized that my music player may annoy some of my readers.

I have also seen a listing review of my blog that instructs visitors how to scroll to the bottom of my page to turn off the player. 

I do care about my guests. 

In my home when my friends and family come into the room, I usually turn my player off so we can talk
so I really should be as considerate for my online visitors,

I always have music playing when I sew or type and my personal player is playing now.

I love country music.

Today I decided to give The Cowboy one last play and to wave him off into the sunset.

Thanks, George, for all the songs. 

May you have a happy Sunday!

[ Edit:   I had really already decided it was time to turn the music off. Right now the player is still there at the bottom and would have to be turned on to play but I will be deleting this feature.

Just doing a little late spring cleaning here in the scrapatch and packing away some old stuff. ]



  1. Thats going to be a darling quilt my Friend, I wont have the time to sew along, but I do enjoy your process :) as for the music, I always turn off the sound on my computer, that way my friends who enjoy music on their blog doesn't bother me. It's an easy thing to turn on and off, so it's no big deal to me either way. I know, that was helpful huh?! :) lol

  2. I love watching sew alongs in progress, but never join in. I prefer to work at my own pace. But have made quilt along quilts after they finish. As for the music, I'm country music fan also. I rarely have the sound turned on just for this very reason. I open several blogs at one time and let them load (Podunk has slow satellite internet). It sounds just awful when more than one blogger wants to share music.

  3. Ahhhh, Baby girl is a sweetie! As to the music.....I turn it off. Sometimes I forget that your blog has music, and for whatever reason, the volume just blasts when it comes on and scares me to pieces. I often have music on myself and any extra music just competes with what I already have playing and I silence it as quickly as I can. I also watch TV while blogging and don't want the music to interrupt the TV sound. It's not the topic of music, I do love country, but want to play my own, not someone else's. All this being is easy to just turn it off and it's not a biggie. I enjoy your blog for the content and the music does not keep me from visiting. Hope this doesn't sound too critical.... I really enjoy your blog!

  4. There's nothing sweeter than watching a baby sleep...such a cutie! My sound is always off so I don't hear music on your blog or anyone else's blog. I like it quiet when I'm blogging or working. I've always wanted to make a tumbling block quilt so I might join in with your quilt along.

  5. Quilt along yes. I even have a country girl bundle paired up with a solid that has no pattern as of yet. I'm not an omg great quilter but I'm willing to try this pattern.
    As for music it doesn't show up on mobile and if it does my sound is off so oh well :)

  6. It sounds like you might be feeling a bit criticized lately.... Bless your heart....I'ts your blog Pat, you do what makes you happy :) I bet that little bitty sweetpea up there makes you very happy !
    I gotta tell you though.....................I'm sure diggin the country cowboy superstar, Strait roundup this morning !

  7. Such a sweet collection of fabrics - just perfect for your precious sprout. I've never made a tumbling blocks quilt. I'll join in at some point. I never know I'll be able to find time behind the machine.
    As for music...George Strait is ALWAYS welcome around here! The man is a class act. I played pool with him once! :)

  8. have always wanted to do a block quilt like this but avoided as I don't like the fuss of Y seams. I will be out of town until the middle of July (visiting my triplet 3 y/o grands) but would be most interested on catching up.

  9. What a precious little bundle of joy. Love the music...your blog, your choice, it really isn't hard to turn off your speakers or to turn off the player. I believe it is one thing to appear "professional" but really, a personal blog is just that, and I wouldn't ask you to change your background if it bothered why would I ask you to remove your music? Really, whatever floats your boat is just what you should do =) Love the idea of a QAL tutorial. If you are in need of a beginner quilter, I'd be very happy to offer my services as tester should you be in need. Let me know. Beautiful fabric...looking forward to following along with your progress!

  10. always wanted to do a tumbling block quilt, so yes

  11. I`ve never made a tumbling block quilt because I don't like Y seams and wanted to do one, so yes,I don´t see any there.

    If someone don´t want to listen your music could put the sound off .

  12. I think a tumbling blocks quilt along would be very popular, especially as your way cuts out the y seams. I probably wouldn't join in myself though as I'm not a fan of the pattern. I don't really like the music - sorry. I often listen to an audio book while I browse and suddenly having music cutting in can be a little annoying. I also usually have several pages open at once and have to work out which one it's coming from before I can turn it off.

    1. I just scrolled down and saw that I can easily pause the music. I didn't know I could do that before. As a previous comment said it's your blog so if you want music, have it.

  13. I would 'quilt along'. I love to see tips and ideas for new quilts...ESPECIALLY baby quilt size. Then I always have one on hand AND I learn a new technique!

  14. I would love to join your quilt along if I get the time.

  15. Last summer I made a rumblings block quilt for my soon to be great grand daughter. Boy did I struggle. Couldn't find a pattern anywhere. Finally, with the help of three different people from afar I got it done. It would be nice to learn how I should have done it, pressing seems etc. I used flannel which added to the headaches but it did turn out good. Another time I would make the blocks larger than I did also. So, yes, a tutorial would be great. Music, doesn't matter to me.

  16. Pat, I don't have my sound turned on my computer most of the time because it does bother me. I usually have the TV on while I'm visiting blogs. I also play a few games that have sound associated with them and that really bothers me. If I still have that window open, that that sound conflicts with sounds from another window. Glad you made the decision you did. A tutorial or quilt-along would be great. I'd be happy to help test the pattern. I will be "out of pocket" for sewing until July 1. I'm leaving Saturday and won't be make until late June 30th. My daughter and her husband are going on vacation and I get to spend time with the grand boys. Then we had planned for all of us to be together for a week - she didn't want me to think I just come to babysit. Well, she's going to be gone from Thursday through Saturday of the second week. I guess I'm low priority on her list. She's going on a girls' weekend the second time. I'll be home with the boys and her husband. I need wisdom and patience - NOW! Please let me know if I can help you. I'd be willing to even proof read. Lots of times I find oops in patterns just following along reading them. Yes, I'm anal. Love the pattern and baby is adorable. How can you let Grampy have a turn? lol Oh, yes, there is stitching. Have a great day!

  17. well I for one will miss your music..I love many of your song choices...may I say are always the true professional...everything you do is always with such finesse and I always trust your measurements as your results speak volumes...

  18. Oh my goodness those fabrics so pretty, but not as pretty as that sweet snoozing babe! Gosh I just want to squeeze those cheeks ever so gently :)
    I would love to quilt along on this baby quilt but I have so many projects started already. Still would be interested in the how-to though.

  19. Hi Pat, grand babies seem to love sleeping on gramps chest.She is just a cutie pie .
    I have never entered a quilt along because I am slow but maybe I will hey my toes wet with you and see if I can keep caught up. Blessings Sandra

  20. Oh ,what a cute baby :-))) Lucky you !! My daughter will have baby (girl maybe) in November so I am looking for some ideas for baby quilt. Her favorit colour is purple,so she'll make purple and light gray nursery....have still some time :-)

  21. What a precious baby! I keep the sound off on my computer so it doesn't matter to me if music is on a blog or not. I'm not a big music person but if I have the television on or am listening to a book it would compete. blessings, marlene


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