Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Country Girls Tumbling Blocks Quilt-Along Coming in 2015

By reader request, the

that I did an interest query on in the above post,

is hopefully in the works for early next year.

I have had a reader write to me about the fact I mentioned this as 
a possibility for this summer.

Life and other commitments are happening and this is not happening this year.

I am sorry if this disappoints any of my readers. 

I have not had time to get the pattern together and get it tested.

My quilty muse has been working on this one more that my fingers have.

As soon as my quilty muse and I get it together 
I will post a request for testers.

With my upcoming eye surgery and recovery on schedule for the fall,
I am making quilty plans now for next year.

If you are hoping to make a quilt sooner than this will happen,
you will find my easy piecing, no "y" seams method for this block in 

For my

Country Girl Tumbling Blocks Baby Quilt Pattern 

... stay tuned for more details!

At heart, I am a country girl!



  1. Hey!!! My hand is RAISED to join this one!!!
    I will even be a tester!!! Pick ME!!!

    I sure hope your surgery goes well...prayers to you for this fall ...

  2. Hope you are better.
    Yes,I`m one of your reader that was waiting for this QAL.

  3. The fabrics you chose are adorable.
    Best to you with your surgery.

  4. I've always wanted to make some tumbling blocks. I made one and it's been on a mini design wall for 3 years... This would be fun

  5. My MIL did one years ago in solid color double knits.....I may have to do one to honor cottons of course !

  6. I'd love to join, always wanted to do tumbling blocks. I wish you a successful recovery and thank you for doing this sew along.


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