Thursday, September 11, 2014

Debbieann's Round Robin is Home!

Debbieann's Finished RR has arrived home!

The last border is these cute paisley kitties and corner hearts.

Cherie made 82 paisley kitties for this border.

Cherie and I were in "Quilty Cahoots."

I sent her some of the neutral green I used to frame my border to frame her kitties and our quilty muses agreed that the black would be a nice final outer frame for this quilt top and the last of the original paisley, enough so she was able to make four kitties for the centers or the sides.

Cherie actually started piecing these kitties in July 
while I had Debbieann's RR and was still thinking of what to add for a border 
so I planned a transition border.

I had originally thought to have orange paisley and a darker multicolored paisley
in my fan blades but felt that a more neutral and restful colors would better highlight the colorful kitties.

I was also in "Quilty Cahoots" with Annette who sewed the border before me.
When I could not decided on the right fabrics for my fan blades with what I had, Annette went fabric shopping for me and sent me a yard to the brown paisley that was in Debbieann's medallion and this worked well.

When I saw Annette's border, I thought "shooting stars" 
which was the inspiration for my border.

I love these stars "open up" the center squares of this medallion ...

Gina used the same orange as the border before hers and some of the paisley from the center block for her heart warming border.

Tricia added the first border to Debbieann's Medallion and introduced the orange as the pop color for this Round Robin.
Orange was a the perfect choice to compliment 
the mossy greens and browns in the center medallion.

Now this Round Robin has traveled full circle.
 From Canada to the upper midwest to the deserts of Nevada across the the country and up the east coast and home to Ontario, this quilt top in the making has had a fabulous trip and found some companions along the way.

Cherie made one more kitty for the back ...

This is "Emma" 

who is a friend of "TC"

whom Annette made for the back of this quilt.

Debbiann is having this RR custom quilted by her long arm quilter.

Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt!

Enjoy your quilt, Debbieann, 
with love and hugs all around
from your Stitchin' Sisters!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 


  1. I love the kitties in the borders. What a ton of work! it's gorgeous!

  2. Really love how this came together! Not being familiar with round robin quilting, I had not pictured it this big when you added your fans. Awesome work.

  3. You all did such a great job. This is a beauty, and those kitties just round it out very nicely.

  4. Wow what a fun quilt! I adore all the paisley kitties and your fan blades just pulls your eyes from the centre out to the kitties, the colours are wonderful.. I guess you are close to going to Georgia so have fun.

  5. oh I'm in love with the cat border...adorable!!!


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