Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stitchin' Sisters RR ~ TC and the Medallion

"TC and the Medallion"

Debbieann has named her quilt!

I love the way these little stars make this medallion shine.

Annette added the 3rd border to Debbieann's Round Robin 
and before she settled on these wonderfully twinkly little staggered stars, 
she auditioned this block and she is sending it along home so Debbieann can piece it into the back of her quilt ...

Tuxedo Cat Block

from the book 

This is a great block!

I especially love the little white feet.

The Butterfly wants me to make on just like her.  I shall have to put a white nose with a black butterfly spot on the nose when I make her block.

But first I must think, think, think ...

because Debbieann's beautiful round robin is on the way to me next!

I think I have an idea!

Finding the right fabrics in my stash may be a challenge.

Might have to do a little shopping for this one.

What fun!

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  1. Love the cT , well both of them lol great use of orange stash


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