Monday, January 25, 2016

Good Karma & Quilty Mojo ~ One Day at a Time

Yes, I am getting off to a late start on this one ...
but there is plenty of time to catch up ... ;)

I am finding my quilty mojo again.

One Day at a Time.

I decided that this HUGE challenge would be a good project for this ...

One of the reasons that I am off to a late start is about finding and committing fabric.

At the beginning of the year I went through my fabric stash looking for fabric 
that would meet the requirements of this project.
I settled ... (or so I thought) ... on bin full of lovely batiks.
The more I looked at it the more I did not start sewing blocks.
The batiks were nice but they just did not feel right.

My fabric choices these days are tending to bright and light.

I went back to stash shopping ...

... Katniss inspected and approved these fabrics ...

a  FQB bundle of 

and a roll of 

and a sizable piece of

Stitch by Michael Miller in Mint Green.

I have had this bundle a little while waiting for inspiration to strike.

I have a few of these bundles collected over the years.

I like to look at them sitting in my sewing space.

They make me happy.

I  don't know about you, but I have a lot of trouble breaking into 
one of these neatly stacked and wrapped bundles.

Do your ever feel this way about your fabric bundles?

Katniss decided that I really need to take the ribbon off of this one ...
and give it to her, of course.

So here it is in all it's beautiful fabric glory!

I admired it a few minutes sitting in my sunny window.

Katniss has dragged the ribbon off to her basket lair.

Then I picked some fat quarters for that first block.

The units in these blocks are tiny ... 

... trimmed to 1.5" square.

These are 3" blocks.
(3.5 unfinished)

It is not perfect but I am calling it good.

I am content to sew it to size with the state of my eyes.

First block done and labeled.

Ready for tomorrow's block.

I am going to have to find more light fabric for the background.
So I think I have decided to splurge and order
some yardage of the natural white  Good Karma fabric,
that is front and center in this photo.
It is a really good compliment to the Stitch fabric.
I will be using it for a year.

Back to the snowman blocks for the rest of today's sewing.

Have a happy, quilty day!



Carla said...

Your quilt will be so colorful with those beautiful fabrics. I just finished that block, too. I'm going with all these scraps I have accumulated. Can't wait to watch your progress. Maybe we'll push each other to keep up...

Needled Mom said...

I hate opening my little bundles too. Those are going to make a spectacular quilt.

Chantal said...

Your block made me smile. It is so bright and happy. Love it. Opening bundles is never a problem with me. I just can't wait to see all the fabric and not just the edge of it lol. Enjoy! ;^)

Anonymous said...

Love your block, but I'm not gonna attempt a block that I know what you mean about not cutting into a bundle. I have almost a yard of each of the prints in the original Far, Far Away collection, because I can't find any pattern WORTHY of cutting it up.....I obviously need help!

margaret said...

what a big challenge you have taken on here, first block is great and your fabrics look so good too. My daughter`s cat Alfie has a thing about ribbons too!

Mirka said...

Hallo,your block looks great !! have started this weekend,too, with my red scraps .I am afraid it will be not enough for quilt so big,so I have to go shopping :-))

Dorian said...

Wow Ms Pat, a very ambitious project! I hope that it gets your sewing mojo back in line ;) have fun with it my friend, that will be a very colorful, lovely quilt when done.