Friday, January 29, 2016

Promises (and Wishes) To Keep

It is for a promised guest blog tutorial 

It is not done.

It is (mostly) done.

I have only the outer border to sew onto the top,
the backing to make,
the sandwiching and quilting,
the binding,
and (maybe) some embellishments ,
and the tutorial to write.

Hmmmmm ...

Considering that the design process is the biggest part of the work,
I shall call this mostly done,
although the quilting on my home machine is always the most labor intensive part for me.

The center of the top actually sat on my design wall, 
sometimes rolled up out of view,
 but never out of mind
for many months,
until I took it down a few days ago to press it and give it a little loving.

I was sew excited about this beautiful fabric and project last spring.

The beauty of these fabrics are speaking to me again.

In truth, they have been speaking all along
but I was not listening.

A lot happened and I did not sew a stitch for months 
but I am not going into all of that.
Some of it is private and depressing stuff
and I let myself get bogged down in it.

Shari @ BCQC has got to be one of the most patient, understanding people on the planet.

They have beautiful fabric, wonderful patterns,  great sales and are really good people.

Shari would like me to finish this tutorial.

I would like to finish this tutorial.

I  really *WISH* to keep this promise.

Wish me luck ... ;)


Quilting Babcia said...

With those fabrics in the mix it should be a joy to complete, and well worth the extra time it may take. So happy to hear you're back to stitching again, quilting is wonderful therapy for the spirit.

Dorian said...

GOod luck my Friend, I am looking forward to seeing your finished quilt and tutorial :)

Nancy said...

Ah yes. 'Life happens while you are making other plans.' (John Lennon)