Sunday, January 17, 2016

Snowman in the Cabin Window ~ Block 2

Block #2  for my

Here are the Cutting Instructions

I cut five 4.5" solid black squares for the block centers.
Then I cut a 6" circle using a small plate as a guide on the paper side 
of fusible applique for machine applique.
Then I pressed the fusible to solid white fabric and cut it out.

From the circle I cut a wedge shape for the snowman face.

I am saving the rest of the fused circle for other block centers.

I pressed a scrap of the fusible to a scrap of solid orange fabric.
I cut the carrot nose for this block and fused it to the side of the snowman face.
I am saving the rest of the orange piece for the other carrot noses for my blocks.

Then I sewed the rounds on this block, 
pressing each piece outward and squaring and trimming 
as I sewed.

My block measures 10.5" 

Two Blocks Done!

If you missed Block #1 Click Here

Block 3 coming soon ... :)


Dorian said...

AWWWW... dorable! These are really cute Pat. Looks like you're having fun :)

KaHolly said...

Oh, I think I'm in love! Where have I been that I missed block one? Looking forward to block three!

Teatime Creations said...

Very Sweet

Needled Mom said...

That is fabulous and the simple orange color is so striking.

Terry said...

So very cute!!! Love your snowman blocks…thanks for sharing :o)