Friday, September 2, 2016

An Open Letter To A Reader

Army Star Paper Pieced Block 

Dear Reader: 

Please email me ...

I would be happy to send you the pattern,

:) Pat


In explanation:

One of my readers left a comment yesterday on 

asking if she could purchase this block pattern 
to make quilts for veterans in her family.

Unfortunately, she is a "no reply" comment.

I have no way to contact her.

I do not want her to think I do not care,
so I am writing this post. 

This paper pieced block was designed by a very talented quilt friend,  Denise Gies.
Denise has given permission to me to share this block for free
to my readers for their personal use 
and asks only that she retain rights to the design 
and that no one ever use the pattern for profit. 

Denise also designed this quilt and organized
the group effort to make it for my SIL.

Thanks, Denise! 

To all of you who are a "no-reply" google plus comment, 
blogger or not,
it is and easy fix ...

Hope this helps!

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  1. Denise is certainly very generous, and so are you! Thanks! Enjoy your weekend! XO


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