Saturday, September 3, 2016

Back To Nothing But The Scraps

Today's 6.5" Postage Stamp block
made with thirty-six 1.5" squares. 

I started these blocks Here in January.


Colors this month are rose red and gold.

I am using my smallest scraps for these blocks. 

I make pairs of these small squares as leaders and enders
and sew them into blocks on Saturdays
when I am home and have time to sew.

I am a few months behind,
but I never thought I would have enough
6.5" blocks to make a quilt this year anyway.

Many,  many more blocks to make. 

It is not the destination,
it's the journey.

This is a Scrappy Sojourn



  1. It looks like a really fun (and colorful) journey!

  2. Your idea about it being a journey is great. We can still be successful along the way, whether it's one block or a finished quilt. Have a fun week!

  3. Love the color combinations there.

  4. LOVE your Postage Stamp in RED and gold!!!

  5. You have a wonderful start on your rose and gold blocks. Your scrap look very nice together.

  6. I love the black and white squares that tie it all together. It's going to be eye-catching when all the colors are together. Beautiful.

  7. Such pretty scraps to play with.

  8. That is a lot little squares. Pretty colors


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