Saturday, September 10, 2016

Scrappy Saturday Sojourn Day

It is Scrappy Saturday Sojourn Day

RSC 15

I am stitching the leaders and enders I have been collecting all week into blocks
for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge @ SoScrappy 

On more 6.5 inch  Postage Stamp Block done
and another on the way!

Katniss says we also need to show off these beautiful scrappy 30's 
birthday blocks that arrived from two of my
sweet stitchin' sisters.

I have a collection of 30's sampler blocks that I won in group swap
a few years ago and I am planning to add these 
pretty Irish Chain Blocks as setting blocks.

This block pattern is

Single Irish Chain Block Tutorial by ChrissieD

It rained so I did not get to the orchard to pick apples.
Maybe tomorrow.

Happy Sewing Saturday!


  1. Katniss looks a bit concerned about that purple tiger. And I love the black and white bits mixed into your wonderful postage stamp block.

  2. Lovely blocks and gorgeous cat! Win-win!!

  3. Great scrappy blocks! Katniss knows! XO

  4. Your postage stamp is so lively. Where did you ever get so many great B/w fabrics? Katniss looks like a very helpful assistant, right on the job.

  5. These look great! I love that her name is Katniss!

  6. Your assistant looks very much at home in your sewing space. Pretty fabrics in your blocks.


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