Friday, September 2, 2016

Joining A Blog Hop:101

I have had another comment question from a "no-reply blogger."

This time is was on  This Blog Post about joining the blog hopping fun.

So ... 

Here is ... 

Joining a Blog Hop: 101

Step 1:  

You need to have an email address so attached to your comments, 
so other bloggers, like the blog hop host,
can reply to your comments. 

If you use google (and the person who left the comment has a google plus profile)

where Bonnie Hunter @ Quiltville explains how to fix it.

Step 2:

Read all the info about the blog hop you are interested in joining:

For the Eerie Nights Blog Hop ... 

Marian has a basic post explaining

Marian is a wonderfully helpful, encouraging organizer of blog hops.

She wants you to join and she wants everyone to have fun.

If you have any questions about her blog, her blog hops, her patterns, etc.

Step 3: 

Have a good idea for the project you want to make
to show and tell in the blog hop.

Be realistic and plan a project that fits your schedule and other obligations.

Be Creative!

A blog hop is a great motivator to challenge you to think and sew outside your usual box. 

 Have Fun! 

Sewing is my happy place and I am sure it is yours, too.

Step 4:

Meet your deadline.

Your blog host will work with you as to what day in the hop works best for you.

If you agreed to post on your assigned day,
show up and be counted,
even if you did not finish your project.

All of us have been there and will support you.

Make sure you have links to all the other bloggers on your day,
so they have fun, too!

If life happens and you have to drop out,
contact the blog host asap and tell her the truth about what is going on.
Blog Hosts are very understanding of real life,
they have one, too.

Step 5:


Visit the other bogs on your day and as many in the hop as your schedule allows
and leave a kind word.

You will make many blogging friends this way. 

Step 6:

Have Fun! 

I know I said this already,
but this is the what blog hops are all about.

Hope this gets you blog hopping with us!

If you have any questions,
I will try to help.

Email me here;


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