Sunday, November 5, 2017

A Virtually Yummy Blog Hop is Coming!

is hosting her annual

and I am joining in the fun this year.

I do bake cookies every year,
in many, many batches,
all through the month of December.

I was just looking at my Christmas photos, though, 
and could not find a single photo of the any of the many 
I have baked over the years ...
and packaged up and give away,
or served at our tree decorating party, 
or set on a decorative plate for Santa,
or enjoyed for dessert on Christmas.

All those cookies and not single snapshot in my files?

This year I share bake and snap
and share a few with all of you.

Until then, here is a recipe that have adopted many times for Christmas

This versatile recipe was

For Christmas I like to make the version with the white chocolate chips, dried cranberries and walnuts and then dip half of each cookie in green tinted vanilla glaze 
and put on a few red decos.  Or dip in milk chocolate and add red and green M&M's

Do you have a recipe or Christmas tradition to share?

If so ... 
 read all the info Here
and join in the fun!

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