Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Quilting Along with the FQS Kitty Kaddy Clutch

Here is my Kitty Caddy Clutch WIP.

Free FQS Pattern Here

I am happy to be quilting along with the 

Click on the link below for all you need to know 
to make this cute

Kitty Caddy Clutch 

This cute clutch was designed by

Stacy Hsu

for her new fabric line

Woof Woof Meow

It is sew cute!

These are the fabrics I have picked and chose from for this project.

All these fabrics were so cute it was fun to choose which to cut for which pieces.

Of course, Maestro helped.

This little kitty is always sew helpful.
When I was changing my sewing machine foot today,
she grabbed my 1/4 metal foot off the sewing machine bed
and tried to carry it off in her mouth!
Fortunately, I stopped her before she dashed away to her lair with it.
Maestro loves all things quilty and really has carried things off.
Bobbins are her favorite thing.

The first thing I did was embroider this cute kitty face.

Katniss helped.
I am sew lucky to have my clutch kitties ... :-)

Here are my inside and outside clutch sections.

Time to sew the cute little pin cushion mouse!

First I have to make the bias tape for the tale and the binding ...

Instructions may be found here ...

How to Make Bias Tape Video with Stacy @ FQS

In this video, Stacy says, "It does not have to be perfect" at one point.
This makes me sew happy.

With my vision issues, my work is never perfect,
but I love a new sewing challenge.

Thanks, Stacy!

Now I have the tale for my pincushion mouse ...

and here are the pieces.

Video for Making the Mouse Pin Cushion is Here

I am really enjoying sewing along of this project
and am learning many new things.

Time to stuff my cute mouse.

Then I am ready to sew my Kitty Caddy Clutch together.

More photos coming soon!

Go to the 

Jolly Jabber

for all you need to know to make your own cute Kitty (or Doggy) Clutch

and to see all the other bloggers posting their projects today.

Hope to see you sewing along, too!

Thanks to the

for this fun pattern and wonderful fabrics!


Carol S. said...

Your kitty bag is adorable in those fabrics! Cute little mouse, too.

Renee said...

Pat, these are both fantastic!